Ohhh, Canada! 15 Great Reasons to Head North

Canada is beckoning travelers. The U.S. dollar is strong and the country is very safe. Here are 15 other reasons to head north of the border.

Best Luxury Hotels in the U.S. and Canada: Grand Awards 2017

Each year, we have the pleasure of singling out particularly memorable hotels for our Grand Awards. These are the winners in the United States and Canada.

A Guide to the National Parks of the Rocky Mountains

Four national parks in the Rocky Mountains that every traveler should add to their bucket list: Yellowstone, Glacier, Rocky Mountain and Grand Teton.

7 Newly Recommended Hotels, February 2016

The February Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper's travels to the Canadian Rockies and to Brittany, France, where he evaluates new luxury hotels and resorts.

Notable Calgary Restaurants

One might not expect to find much culinary imagination in a place formerly synonymous with campsite meals, but Calgary has developed an innovative food scene.

Calgary: A Big City With Easygoing Western Charm

The easiest connection to Banff is through Calgary, a vibrant city of more than a million, set along the Bow River.

Edmonton: Gateway to Jasper

The nearest airport to Jasper National Park is in Edmonton, which rises from the Alberta prairies 140 miles east of the Rockies.

A Journey Through the Spectacular Rocky Mountains of Alberta

Along a 175-mile route from Banff to Jasper, a seemingly endless succession of peaks towers over deep glacial valleys and turquoise lakes.

Banff Attractions

Two popular Banff Canada attractions are located within a block or two of The Rimrock Resort Hotel: the Upper Hot Springs and the Banff Gondola.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

If you're traveling with "Jurassic World"-minded children, consider a day trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology an hour and a half from Calgary.