Unforgettable Memories: Reflections on the Past Year of Travel

Travel trips provide a trove of memories that can last for a lifetime. Here are a few of the indelible experiences that enriched our lives in 2018.

Top Hideaway Report Stories of 2018

Of all the Hideaway Report articles we published this year, readers found these 10 -- about Italy, Morocco, Japan and more -- to be their favorites.

Bari Hotel Upgrade

Bari is the gateway city to Basilicata and Puglia and offers excellent restaurants. One of the hotels there, Hotel Oriente Bari, recently got an upgrade.

Indelible Memory: Visiting the Ghost Village of Craco, Italy

The ancient hilltop village of Craco, Italy, was finally abandoned after an earthquake in 1980. It is now possible to explore it via hard-hat tours.

The Best Guide in Matera, Italy

A local guide makes a visit to the ancient town of Matera, Italy, much more rewarding. The name everyone recommended was Francesco Foschino.

Favorite Basilicata Restaurants

Basilicata is known for having the best bread in Italy. These four restaurants make the most of it and the locally made olive oil, cheeses, lamb and beef.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Basilicata, Italy

Follow our travels to Basililcata, one of Italy's best-kept secrets. Our editors discovered four new stunning properties there, including a luxe cave hotel.

Discovering Italy’s Untouched Region of Basilicata

The stunningly beautiful Italian region of Basilicata is emerging as an intriguing offbeat destination. Still virtually undiscovered, it feels timeless.

Basilicata’s Top Three Aglianico Wine Producers

The ancient Greeks introduced grapes to Basilicata. Because of the volcanic soil and elevation of the vineyards, the wines here are elegant and robust.