Chilean Wine Country


Most Memorable Wine and Spirit Tastings

As well as finding unusual wines in unexpected places on our travels this year, we tasted notable gins in Belgium and a range of remarkable sakes in Japan.

A Taste of Chile at Matetic Vineyards

Matetic Vineyards, one of Chile's top wineries, is located in the Rosario Valley 60 miles west of Santiago and features a tasting room, restaurant and hotel.

Fine Wine in Chile

It's not difficult to find elegant, exciting Chilean wines that are full of character and expressive of the region from which they come.

Stylish New Chilean Resorts

There are certain countries to which I return with keen anticipation, and Chile is one.

2013 Grand Awards: Lapostolle Residence, Chile

Just west of Santiago lies a rich agricultural region known as the Central Valley, a delightful area of fields, orchards and vineyards blessed by a benign climate.

Chilean Wine Country

Previously, if you could find them, Chilean wines were noteworthy more for their low cost and unremarkable character. Now, walk into any good wine merchant and you will find an intriguing selection of Chilean wines that are still attractively priced but can easily hold their own among bottles from other countries.

Footsteps Itinerary: Chile

On my recent Chilean journey, I traveled the entire 3,000-mile length of the country. Overall, the quality of the hotels and resorts exceeded my expectations. Should you decide to follow in my footsteps, you will stay in places that offer exemplary comfort and fine service. Delicious food and fascinating guided expeditions will also add enormously to the pleasure of your trip. Flights from the United States generally take 10 or 11 hours and land in Santiago early in the morning. (Although Santiago is on approximately the same longitude as Boston, 70 degrees west, it is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time).

Southern Patagonia

Shared between Chile and Argentina, southern Patagonia is chiefly a land of vast, desolate steppes, though the Chilean section also has areas of conifer and beech forest. High precipitation and cold air combine to create huge glaciers that spill into numerous fjords.

Five Standout Chilean Wines

Clos Apalta Winery, Colchagua Valley, Chile Aside from the wines I cite in the most recent Hideaway Report, here are five Chilean bottles that I reme

7 Things Not to Miss in Chile

Some highlights from my recent visit to Chile. Please visit here to view my full suggested itinerary.