Colonial Cities Of Central Mexico


A Newly Recommended Hotel in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is one of our favorite colonial cities in central Mexico. We stayed at three new hideaways but only one made the cut.

Finding Luxury in Up-and-Coming Puebla, Mexico

Puebla has much to offer visitors: It is pedestrian-friendly, well-preserved and full of churches, museums and bars -- and now it has two luxury hotels.

Best Restaurants in Puebla

We ate well in Puebla, which has a deep culinary heritage and is known for its mole poblano. Here are four restaurants we particularly enjoyed.

New Hideaways in San Miguel de Allende

We've long recommended two hotels in San Miguel, but a number of hideaways have recently opened in renovated colonial-era buildings. We booked a stay at three.

7 Favorite Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

Because of the influx of wealthy tourists, both foreign and domestic, San Miguel de Allende has an abundance of fine restaurants. Here are seven worth visiting.

World-Class Wine in San Miguel de Allende

The state of Guanajuato doesn't have much of a fine winemaking tradition, but traditions have to start sometime. Cuna de Tierra Winery proves that time is now.

Best Art Galleries and Concept Stores in San Miguel

One of the great pleasures of visiting San Miguel de Allende is strolling between galleries and boutiques. The city has plenty of both. Here are the best.

Best Things to Do in Puebla

Fans of San Miguel's colonial architecture, fine restaurants and mild climate will find much to love about Puebla. Founded in 1531, it feels much less touristy.

A Perfect Day In... San Miguel de Allende

With cobblestoned streets, colonial architecture and strong cultural scene -- plus new places to eat and shop -- San Miguel de Allende is a haven for travelers.

Guide to Colonial Cities of Mexico and Central America

Imagine charming cobbled streets, ornate baroque churches and atmospheric palaces, and more often than not it's Europe that comes to mind.

A Guide to Colonial Cities: The Mexican Highlands

In this series, we explore how Spanish and indigenous cultures combine in colonial cities (Morelia, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende) to intoxicating effect.

Shopping for Crafts in Mexico

Explore Mexico's thriving craft traditions.

Mezcal | A Delightful Small-Batch Artisanal Spirit

Like tequila, mezcal is distilled from the juice of the piña, the fruit of the agave plant.

Ancient Ruins of Ihuatzio and Tzintzuntzan

Those staying in Morelia or on Lake Pátzcuaro in Mexico have easy access to the fascinating remains of the ancient Purépecha civilization, also known as the Tarascans.

Hacienda Ucazanaztacua Video

A video of our visit to Hacienda Ucazanaztacua, Lake Pátzcuaro, Mexico as reviewed in the November 2014 issue of the Hideaway Report.

The Colonial Cities of Mexico | Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Morelia

Mexico’s cool central highlands have provided some of my most memorable experiences of the country.

Restaurants in Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Morelia

Mexican cuisine is far more sophisticated than is often assumed. Each 
region has its own specialties, and ingredients that are fresh, local and seasonal.

Michoacán Villa on Lake Pátzcuaro

It is possible to explore this region as a day trip from Morelia, but I highly recommend spending two or three nights at the remarkable Hacienda Ucazanaztacua.

A Taste of Central Mexican Cuisine

View a sampling of the interior Mexican cuisine encountered on Andrew Harper's recent trip to Mexico.

Attractions in Cuernavaca: The Aztec City of Xochicalco and the Brady Museum

Set on a hilltop outside of Cuernavaca, the Aztec city of Xochicalco sees relatively few visitors, and we had the city’s pyramids, plazas, palaces and ball courts almost entirely to ourselves.

Cuernavaca: An Atmospheric Hacienda

Historic Cuernavaca lies 53 miles south of Mexico City. In 1529, Hernan Cortes ordered the construction of a hacienda 28 miles outside of town. This later served as the headquarters of Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution. Now a hotel, the Hacienda San Gabriel de Las Palmas does not hide its pedigree, leaving atmospheric and partially overgrown ruins interspersed among mature tropical gardens.

Delicious Huitlacoche

Huitlacoche quesadillas at the Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués   *Huitlacoche*, a mushroom-like fungus, appears on few menus outside of Mexico, where diners have enjoy

A Side Trip to Scenic Taxco, Mexico

Driving an hour south of Cuernavaca, Mexico, through countryside bursting with blue morning glories and giant yellow marigolds, we reached the red roofs and cobbled streets of unspoiled Taxco.