Dordogne & Lot


Road Trip! Our Top 15 Scenic Drives

Certain destinations cry out to be explored by car. Here are 15 of our editors' favorite scenic drives, from the Amalfi Coast to the Oregon Coast and beyond.

Best Travel Experiences of the Year

A Norway cruise, a train ride in Peru, kayaking in Washington State: These were just a few of our best experiences traveling this year.

Hospitality Awards: Those Going Above and Beyond

Many people play a role in making a hotel stay or a dinner a success. Here we honor the chefs, sommeliers, owners and staff with Hospitality Awards.

Bookshelf: Dordogne's Neanderthal History

Author Beebe Bahrami offers an excellent introduction to Dordogne's Neanderthal history in her new book "Cafe Neandertal."

Dordogne Restaurant Discoveries

The cooking in the Dordogne has soul, in informal bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants alike. Here are seven places where we ate exceedingly well.

A Dordogne Distillery Where Spirits Are Made by Hand

Distillerie Louis Roque still produces its spirits by hand. We sampled sweet vermouth-like aperitifs, plum brandies and walnut liqueurs.

Romantic Castles of the Dordogne

Medieval chateaux positively litter the landscape in the Dordogne. We toured three: Chateau de Beynac, Maison Forte de Reignac and Chateau de Bonaguil.

Lascaux and the Cave Drawings of France

One of the great treasures of southwestern France is its collection of caves decorated with prehistoric paintings and etchings.

A Road Trip Through the Dordogne

The cinematic beauty of the Dordogne seems almost too perfect to be real. Wineries, chateaux and cave paintings are a few of the region's highlights.

Notable Dordogne Wineries

Vintners in the Dordogne have rededicated themselves to quality in recent years, producing world-class wines worthy of far more attention than they receive.

Newly Recommended Hotels in the Dordogne

The July Hideaway Report follows Mr. Harper's travels to the Dordogne. He discovered two new luxury hotels to recommend.