San Juan Islands


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Fortunately, the United States has no shortage of evocative places in which to tramp. Here are seven of our favorite hiking hotels out West.

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To get an up-close view of orcas, we booked a full-day kayaking excursion with Discovery Sea Kayaks along the coast of San Juan Island.

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The islands in Washington's Salish Sea are blessed with scenic parks and nature reserves. Here are my favorite five parks, in order from south to north.

The Best of Coastal Washington

The archipelagos between Seattle and Victoria, Canada, are relentlessly picturesque, replete with scenic parks, colorful coastal towns and world-class food.

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The Top 10 Gastronomic Highlights of a year of travel.

Savoring the Pacific Northwest

North of Seattle, the Washington coastline fragments into a picturesque archipelago of forested islands dotted with fishing villages.