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Deep Dive: 12 Hotels With World-Class Scuba

There may be no greater adventure on this planet than diving into the 70 percent of it that is water. Here are 12 properties where the diving is extraordinary.

Best Travel Experiences: Editors' Choice 2020

Several life-changing adventures marked 2019 as an unforgettable year in travel. Here are our Editors' Choice Awards for best travel experiences.

Bucket-List Bike Tours

These 8 bike tours are the trips that lifelong cyclists dream about taking, from luxury tour companies with sterling reputations.

Ask the Editors: Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures

The world's most lavish travel experiences aren't just about hotels. Our editor-in-chief reveals his favorite outdoor adventures from a lifetime of travel.

Iceland Photo Essay: A Trip on the Ring Road

Hideaway Report photo editor Arielle Berger recently returned from Iceland. Through these 15 photos, we see how otherworldly and beautiful the country truly is.

Members' Choice 2018: Next on Your Bucket List

We asked our well-traveled members which three countries or regions are currently topping their bucket lists. Their answers were as exotic as expected.

Members' Choice 2018: Most Exciting Adventure Activities

For some of our members, a perfect vacation is best achieved by completing an exhilarating outdoor challenge. The following three properties excel at adventure.

&Beyond Hotel Opens in Chile's Lake District

This September &Beyond will launch Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira, a scenic estate between Pucon and Patagonia, and the company's first venture outside Africa.

Ohhh, Canada! 15 Great Reasons to Head North

Canada is beckoning travelers. The U.S. dollar is strong and the country is very safe. Here are 15 other reasons to head north of the border.

Snorkeling Million Dollar Point in Vanuatu

Little remains of the military base fictionalized in the musical "South Pacific" -- at least not above the waterline.

From My Notebook, August 2014

I fell in love with Cape Town one spring when I rented a house in the residential district of Constantia. I never grew tired of the view of Table Mountain, and I don't think I saw a cloud for a month. The Royal Portfolio, which contains some of my favorite South African hotels, now offers a spectacular penthouse apartment, "The One Above," in the V&A Waterfront.

Adventure: Cruising the 

Strangely, Brazil offers no equivalents to the riverboats on the Peruvian Amazon operated by Aqua Expeditions, which offer sophisticated levels of comfort and cuisine.

Off The Beaten Track: Guatemala

This strikingly beautiful country of fiery volcanoes, enigmatic ruins and vibrant craft markets draws far fewer tourists than the Caribbean or Mexico, keeping hotel prices low and potentially blockbuster tourist sites crowd-free, even in high season.