A Perfect Day In... Amsterdam (With Kids)

Amsterdam may not seem like an obvious choice for a family vacation, but this daylong itinerary proves it's perfect for a child-friendly getaway.

Five Small Museums in Amsterdam

Dive deeper into culture-rich Amsterdam by visiting some of its smaller, but no less fascinating, museums of art and history.

Dutch Goods: 4 Hip Concept Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has become one of the most interesting shopping destinations in Europe. Here are four of our favorite shops for everything from clothing to candles.

Indelible Memory: A Morning Stroll in Keukenhof Gardens

A visit to colorful Keukenhof is essential when visiting Amsterdam, and the colorful gardens are best enjoyed early in the morning, before the crowds arrive.

Contrasting New Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam appeals to travelers of all ages and interests. The opening of the 16-room Hotel TwentySeven and Kimpton De Witt brought us back for a visit.

New Restaurant Discoveries in Amsterdam

For many years, the food scene in Amsterdam was unremarkable. That has changed. A new generation of talented local chefs is reinventing the Dutch kitchen.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Amsterdam

Drawing us for a visit this time was Amsterdam's array of incredible restaurants and the opening of two new hotels, only one of which made the cut.

Letter From the Editor: June 2018

Sometimes, we discover a place that is truly one of a kind. For the June 2018 Hideaway Report, we review a spectacular resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba.

Going Dutch: Eurostar's New Train Line to Amsterdam

London and Amsterdam, two of our favorite cities, will now be just 3 hours and 41 minutes apart on the new Eurostar train line.

11 Museums You Shouldn't Miss in Amsterdam

From the Dutch national museum to a unique museum with a feline twist, these are the 11 museums that you shouldn't miss on your next trip to Amsterdam.

7 Local Foods You Must Try in Amsterdam

Try these seven local foods on your next trip to Amsterdam.

5 Perfect Places to See Tulips and Other Flowers in the Netherlands

In season, the Keukenhof Gardens are home to thousands of colorful tulips--it's an incredible spectacle," note the Andrew Harper Travel Office consultants. April through September is the ideal time to visit.

5 Ways to Experience Amsterdam Like a Local

Rent a bike. “Act like the city is yours,” says Eef Sparla, head concierge at Hotel de l’Europe, “and ring your bell a lot.”

5 Must-See Attractions in Amsterdam

According to Wiebe van Eijsden of Hotel Seven One Seven, everyone should enjoy a cruise along Amsterdam’s canals, which are included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

In The News: Amsterdam Sensation

Europe’s great cities tend to have an abundance of fine hotels, but occasionally, a new property comes along that promises to raise the bar to a different level.

5 Surprising Things About Amsterdam

Here are five surprising things about this canal-laced city on the water from locals and travel consultants alike.

Andrew Harper Staff 2014 Travel Wish List II

With destinations ranging from Ireland to New Zealand, it appears that this group of travelers is looking for adventure and the great outdoors.

2014 Grand Awards: Europe

Winning hotels from the 2014 Andrew Harper Grand Awards in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France.

Photo Gallery: Conservatorium, Amsterdam

Pictures from Andrew Harper’s visit to the Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's New Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, one of the great museums of the world, will reopen on April 13 after an extensive 10-year restoration effort.

Amsterdam: New Hotels and Cultural Riches

Four centuries after the Golden Age, a period of prosperity and artistic achievement that transformed Amsterdam from a fishing village into a wealthy hub of international trade, this delightful city is in the middle of a new renaissance.

Amsterdam Museums: Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh

Three of the world's greatest museums are found on the Museumplein, a grassy open space in Amsterdam-Zuid (South).

Restaurants: Recent Favorites in Amsterdam

Compared with other former laggards such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Berlin, Amsterdam has made surprisingly little gastronomic progress.

Excursion: Keukenhof Garden

Located 23 miles southwest of Amsterdam, the Keukenhof Garden was established in 1949 by an association of Dutch bulb growers.

Gastronomy: Fine Cheese in Amsterdam

Holland is the world’s fifth-largest cheese producer, and last year, a Dutch cheese, Vermeer, won first prize at the prestigious World championship cheese contest in Madison, Wisconsin.

Holland: A Very Special Queen's Day

Hotel d l'Europe, Amsterdam Queen's Day in the Netherlands is always a festive and orange-draped affair, but this year's celebration on April 30th will be very special.

Interview: Kristel Dom, General Manager of Amsterdam's Canal House

Andrew Harper interviews Kristel Dom, general manager of Amsterdam's Canal House, a 2013 March Hideaway Report recommended hotel.

Amsterdam Excursion: Keukenhof Garden

Located 23 miles southwest of Amsterdam, the Keukenhof Garden was established in 1949 by an association of Dutch bulb growers.

March 2013 Hideaway Report: Amsterdam and the Dolomites

The March 2013 Hideaway Report profiles hotel and culinary discoveries in a revitalized Amsterdam, as well as several new spa hotels in Italy’s Dolomites.

Harper Auctions: All About Amsterdam

This week's Harper Auctions features two wonderful properties in Amsterdam.

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