Unforgettable Voyages Through the Arctic

Silversea now offers Arctic voyages through both the Northwest and Northeast passages, where cruise-goers can see spectacular scenery and wildlife.

7 Spectacular Light-Adventure Voyages

They're not always comfortable, but they're certainly memorable. These 7 light-adventure cruises are the only way to explore some of the best places on earth.

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What to Pack for a Trip to Antarctica

What to pack on a cruise to Antarctica, in addition to the digital Expedition Guide from Lindblad.

Antarctic Cruise Options

When contemplating a cruise to the Antarctic, it is vital to think carefully about your personal priorities.

Antarctic Cruise Adventure

Antarctica is the place of the moment. Cruises sell out a year in advance, and the Andrew Harper Travel Office is deluged with inquiries.

Time Travel at Port Lockroy

A surprising high point of the trip was our visit to Port Lockroy, a former British base that has been restored and now operates as a museum.

An Antarctic Reading and Viewing List

The books and DVDs I found most useful and enjoyable in preparing for our Antarctic trip, and while there.

A Wealth of Wildlife

These are the creatures we saw on our Antarctic voyage, and you will have a very good chance of seeing them as well.

The Many Guises of Ice

If you thought that ice was a fairly straightforward substance, and chiefly of use for cooling a gin and tonic, then Antarctica will be a revelation.

Letter From the Editor, May 2016

Antarctica is the place of the moment. I am asked constantly about cruises to the Great White Continent, and the Travel Office is deluged with inquiries.

Video: The Quiet Splendor of an Antarctica Cruise

Our Antarctica cruise followed a route from Ushuaia, across the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands, and along the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Last Word: Antarctic Cruises

One of the most remarkable trips I have ever taken came right at the beginning of my professional traveling career.

Good News From Antarctica

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, emperor penguins are teeming