Rwanda & Tanzania


Azura Selous: A Refuge in Tanzania's Wilderness

The Selous in Tanzania is Africa's biggest game reserve. It is also one of the continent's surviving wilderness areas that is much like it was 10,000 years ago.

Gorillas in Our Midst: The Rwanda Wildlife Experience That Left Us Breathless

Rwanda has changed, and the best way to experience it is a visit to Wilderness Safaris' new Bisate Lodge, next to Volcanoes National Park.

Video: Gorillas at Play in Rwanda

This is what it's like to see mountain gorillas up close in their natural habitat, happily chewing on sticks of wild celery, completely indifferent to humans.

Tracking Mahale Chimps: A Thrilling Experience

The place with the most unforgettable chimpanzee sightings is Mahale Mountains National Park, which now boasts a first-rate lodge in Greystoke Mahale.

Where to Overnight in Dar es Salaam: The Oyster Bay

Dar es Salaam is not a city in which most American travelers will wish to linger, but if an overnight stay is necessary, The Oyster Bay is the place to do it.

Indelible Memory: A Leopard Encounter in the Selous

On a recent visit to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, our editor came face to face with a leopard, typically quite elusive creatures there.

5 Best Beach Resorts in Tanzania and the Seychelles

After a thrilling but exhausting East African safari, travelers may want to relax seaside. Tanzania and the Seychelles offer five spectacular beach resorts.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial

Travel can bring you face-to-face with some of the darkest periods of human history. A visit to Rwanda's Kigali Genocide Memorial is one such case.

Newly Recommended Hotels in East Africa

The April Hideaway Report takes us to East Africa, where we visited five hotels, two in Rwanda and three in Tanzania. Four were up to our standards.

Letter From the Editor: April 2018

In the April Hideaway Report, we cover a one-of-a-kind resort in Rwanda that should be at the top of everyone's bucket list. We also report on Ghent, Belgium.