Austria's Classic Hotels Revisited

The capital of Austria is one of our editor's favorite cities. Here he goes back to investigate classic hotels in Vienna and the Wachau Valley.

A Perfect Day In... Dürnstein

Duernstein is used as a base for day trips in the Wachau Valley, but it's really worth exploring on its own. Here is one perfect day in this jewel of a town.

Wine Tastings in the Wachau

Reminiscent of Germany's Mosel Valley, the Wachau has terraced vineyards leading down to a river. We visited two wineries where we had excellent tastings.

Art on the Danube: Krems' New Kunstmeile

Austria's little city of Krems an der Donau would merit a stop in any event, but its Kunstmeile Krems (Art Mile) is a treasure really worth exploring.

Bucket-List Bike Tours

These 8 bike tours are the trips that lifelong cyclists dream about taking, from luxury tour companies with sterling reputations.

An Editor on Vacation in Austria

Our editor takes a personal vacation but still comes home to write about it. Here he accompanies his spouse to Vienna, one of his favorite cities in the world.

Summit Up: The Central Alps

Stretching from the Mediterranean coast of France to close to the Adriatic Sea, the Alps traverse eight countries and cover more than 80,000 square miles.

Medieval Pursuits: Austria

Salzburg is within roughly an hour's drive from several additional medieval sites of interest.

Undiscovered Treasures: The Wines of Alto Adige

Read about this Italy wine country discovery. Of any region in Italy, Alto Adige receives the highest number of awards per liter of wine produced.

City Guide: Vienna

Dive into this new guide to a city at the cross section of eastern and western Europe: Vienna, Austria. Find recommendations for where to eat, stay and more.

Footsteps Itinerary: Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

Follow in Andrew Harper's footsteps on his recent trip through Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

Strategies for Visiting Top Sights in Vienna and Budapest

Major sites in Vienna and Budpest draw throngs of tourists, but with the right strategies, it's not difficult to escape the crowds.

Memorable Small Museums of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

Like the Belvedere, this more sober baroque palace stands amid delightful gardens just outside Vienna’s Ring. We booked one of the once-monthly public tours of the Gartenpalais, home to a private art and decorative object collection rivaling the Frick in New York.

August 2014 Hideaway Report Videos

Videos from my trips to Europe and the Atlantic coast.

Enchanting Capitals of the Danube, Part 1: Vienna

Although Vienna now rules over a country only slightly larger than 
South Carolina, it still feels like the capital of an empire. The atmosphere is elegant and serene, miraculously unperturbed by the traffic and tourists of the 21st century.

New Restaurant Discoveries of Mitteleuropa

The culinary scene in central Europe has come of age, and dining in Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest is a delight. We had no trouble finding soulful, traditional fare as well as sophisticated fine dining.

Vienna Video

A video of some of the highlights from my trip to Vienna, Austria as reviewed in the August 2014 issue of the Hideaway Report.

A Wander in Linz, Austria

One brisk spring evening aboard the River Beatrice, after several days of guided day trips along the Danube, we decided that an amble without an agenda would make a pleasant change.