What Your Hotel's Toiletries Are Telling You

Does a hotel's toiletry brand matter? Our writer argues it does. Bath products serve as a sort of code, telling you what sort of experience you can expect.

Best Amenities: Editors' Choice 2020

From beaches and baths to more-unconventional offerings, these are our Editors' Choice Award winners for Best Amenities.

Escape the City: London Day Trip

London has it all: art, fashion, food and fine hotels. However, the English countryside offers innumerable possibilities for some relaxed sightseeing.

New and Noteworthy, November 2016

Mr. Harper shares notable luxury travel news in this monthly piece, like the anticipated opening of The Whitby Hotel and new rooftop suites at Alvear Palace.

Bath, England: A Remarkable Debut and Two Classic Hotels

I seldom need an excuse to return to Bath, the lovely city of honey-colored limestone that lies 115 miles directly west of London.

Taking the Waters in Bath

Bath has three thermal springs. The King's Spring rises within The Roman Baths; the other two, the Hetling Spring and the Cross Spring.

Photos: 3 Newly Recommended Hotels and a Cruise, October 2015

Andrew Harper introduces three new hotels in Cambodia and Bath, England, and a river cruise on the Mekong to his Collection in October 2015.

Town & Country: Travel Guide to London, the Cotswolds and Bath

Try this classic itinerary, pairing bustling, cosmopolitan London with the tranquil English countryside regions of the Cotswolds and Bath.

In the News: New Luxury Spa in Bath

I have long had particular affection for the English city of Bath, with its Georgian crescents of golden Cotswold limestone. The Romans built a bathing complex over a thermal spring in the first century A.D.

Bath and Environs Itinerary

Bath and Environs: A recommended itinerary from the Andrew Harper Travel Office.