Video: The Mighty Iguazú Falls

On the border between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu River topples off a basalt ridge and forms the world's largest waterfall. We get up close.

Hotel Standouts of the Year

Last year, our editors stayed in an astonishing number of hotels and resorts. Here are five contrasting standouts from 12 months of relentless globe-trotting.

UXUA Casa Hotel: A Unique Hideaway on the Coast of Bahia

Nowhere is perfect, but UXUA Casa Hotel gets awfully close. Our editor spent a few blissful days there on the coast of Bahia, Brazil, taking it all in.

Awasi Iguazú: A New Rainforest Refuge

A trip to Argentina and Brazil uncovers two contrasting resorts on Iguazu Falls, one a true hideaway and the other a large hacienda-style hotel.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Argentina and Brazil

A trip to South America was fruitful in finding new hotels of a very high standard: One was located two hours from Buenos Aires and the others were in Brazil.

Fleeing the Concrete Jungle of São Paulo

Less than two hours from the center of Sao Paulo, Brazil, our editor finds tranquility in Fasano Boa Vista, a resort of 39 lavish accommodations.

Letter From the Editor: December 2018

The December 2018 issue of the Hideaway Report covers Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica and the Historic Coast of Florida. We found properties to recommend in each.

Oetker Collection Opens in São Paulo

Sao Paulo is not typically a destination for leisure travelers. However, the opening of Palacio Tangara, part of the Oetker Collection, may change that.

Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

The culinary scene in Rio de Janeiro has vastly improved over the years. Here are six of our editor-in-chief's favorite restaurants.

Just Back From: Rio de Janeiro

Travel advisor Victoria Wykoff adores Brazil, with it beaches, botecos and spontaneous parties. She came back from her third visit more in love than ever.

Last Word: River Cruises Continue to Enchant

The popularity of river cruises seems to be increasing exponentially, with new boats on the rivers of France, Botswana and the Amazon.

3 Summer Cocktails: The Caipirinha, Kir and Frozen Pineapple

From the coast of sunny Southern Brazil are three summer cocktail recipes from the Ponta dos Ganchos resort.

In Good Taste: Fasano

Believing that a dining experience is reflective of a restaurant’s ambiance, restaurateur Rogério Fasano has created a sumptuous atmosphere.

City Guide: Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy this travel guide to Rio de Janeiro with tips, recommendations and ideas for where to eat, stay and shop.

Brazil Travel Tips: Q&A With Our Editors

In this interview, our editor-in-chief shares travel tips and insider knowledge on what every traveler should do when visiting the country of Brazil.

South America | 2015 Grand Awards

Each year, we have the pleasure of singling out a number of particularly memorable hotels and resorts. Here are the properties that Andrew Harper selected in South America.

Insider Tips: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With the culmination of the World Cup and the Olympics on Rio’s horizon, the city is ramping up with a litany of new and renewed landmarks. Last year, the “City of the Arts” was freshly inaugurated to house the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.

Adventure: Cruising the 

Strangely, Brazil offers no equivalents to the riverboats on the Peruvian Amazon operated by Aqua Expeditions, which offer sophisticated levels of comfort and cuisine.

The Splendor of Iguaçu Falls

The Iguaçu Falls are often compared to Niagara and Victoria falls, but arguably, 
they are more spectacular than either, being taller than the former and wider than the latter.

Beach Bliss in Santa Catarina and Bahia

Despite the fame of Rio’s hedonistic culture and the country’s more than 
4,500 miles of mostly tropical coastline, Brazil has surprisingly few beach resorts of an international caliber.

Favorite Rio Restaurants

Until recently, the culinary scene in Rio was not highly regarded, the oft-repeated joke being that the only way to eat well was to catch a plane to São Paulo.

Shopping: Collectibles

Brazil is famous for its sapphires and emeralds. However, Francesca Romana Diana crafts her jewelry from indigenous semiprecious stones.

Flora: Jardim Botânico

Located at the foot 
of the Corcovado and part of Tijuca National Park, Rio’s Botanical Garden is among the finest in the world.

Brazil: The Best of Rio

On a sunny day, there are times when Rio de Janeiro really does become
 the Cidade Maravilhosa, the “Marvelous City,” a place where nature is resplendent, the climate is benign, and the people are startlingly beautiful.

São Paulo Options

São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city, with a population of about 11 million, and lies a 40-minute flight (270 miles by road) southwest of Rio.

Last Minute Options for the Holidays

Around this time of year, the Travel Office’s phones start to ring with calls from people who want to go “somewhere warm” for the holidays. Alas, many of the most obvious destinations have already sold out.

In the News: Rio Revival

Rio de Janeiro’s most glamorous grand hotel, the Copacabana Palace, recently underwent a $20 million refurbishment program. This included the radical redesign of rooms in the landmark eight-story art deco building.

South America: Beyond the Backpack

There is an irrepressible energy in South America drawing all eyes below the equator. Maybe it’s the spark that comes from hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics, as Brazil will be doing in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Palace Completes Renovation

Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Palace will celebrate its 90th birthday next year following an extensive six-month, $20 million renovation.