Pacific Northwest


The Best of Coastal Washington

The archipelagos between Seattle and Victoria, Canada, are relentlessly picturesque, replete with scenic parks, colorful coastal towns and world-class food.

Portland Hotels Strike Out

Portland provides a wealth of attractions: an exciting food scene, gardens, wineries and boutiques, but the hotels don't make the cut.

Portland Wineries: Top-Quality Tastings Within the City

It's not necessary to make a day trip to the Willamette Valley in order to visit quality wineries. Several worthwhile outfits have facilities within Portland.

Aman Comes to Manhattan

The original Aman properties were small, exquisite retreats in Asia. Lately, however, the group has expanded to city hotels.

Indelible Memory: Kayaking the Salish Sea

To get an up-close view of orcas, we booked a full-day kayaking excursion with Discovery Sea Kayaks along the coast of San Juan Island.

Seattle Craft Breweries Take Flight

Seattle has no shortage of stylish, lively taprooms and thoroughly delicious, character-filled craft beers. Here are six breweries we tried on our last visit.

Portland Food Truck Tour

Nowadays, food trucks earn Michelin stars and draw devoted followings. Eat Adventures Food Tours helped us navigate the scene in Portland.

Portland's Bullseye Projects: An Art-Glass Gallery

Portland's Pearl District is home to several impressive art galleries. Of these, my favorite was art-glass gallery Bullseye Projects.

Three Exquisite Portland Gardens

Three of the finest gardens in the Pacific Northwest grow within a 15-minute drive of the skyscrapers of downtown Portland.

Portland Restaurant Discoveries

One of the great draws of Portland is its cuisine, whether from a gourmet food truck or a Michelin star-quality restaurant. Here are five places we recommend.

5 Favorite Island Parks of Puget Sound

The islands in Washington's Salish Sea are blessed with scenic parks and nature reserves. Here are my favorite five parks, in order from south to north.

Letter From the Editor: December 2017

The Andrew Harper editor-in-chief reflects on this month's travels to Portland, Seattle and Whidbey Island, and a road trip in England's North Country.

Newly Recommended Hotels in the Pacific Northwest

The December 2017 Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper’s travels to the Pacific Northwest, where he finds three hotels to recommend.

Seattle Restaurants With a View

With a hilly topography and a coastal setting, Seattle has numerous restaurants offering memorable views. Here are two we tried on our last visit.