Escapist Cocktails: Recipes for the Restless

When your spirits need lifting, sometimes spirits are just the thing. Our editor travels to his home bar to create cocktails that take him to faraway lands.

Best New Los Angeles Bars

Los Angeles has seen a wave of interesting new bars open up, ranging from beer halls to candlelit speakeasy-style cocktail lounges. Here are four we enjoyed.

Drinking, Corsican Style

Corsicans invariably prefer to consume products that are made on their beloved island, whether it's wine, beer or mineral water.

Three of the Best Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona's citizens love their cocktails, an enthusiasm that has resulted in a thriving bar culture. Here are three bars not to miss -- and one wine shop.

Craft Gins: 5 Scottish Brands at the Heart of the U.K. Craze

The drink originally known as Mother's Ruin is booming once again, with an explosion of craft gins, gin bars and distilleries in Scotland.

Top 10 Tea Salons in NYC

The time-honored tradition of afternoon tea is alive and well -- on Mother's Day and all year long -- at these elegant tea salons in New York City.

Surprising Vermont Spirits

The entrepreneurial impulse to create artisanal products is strong in Vermont. The state currently has 19 distilleries in operation.

Tasting Island Rums

As I travel throughout the Caribbean, I always search for local rum. Each island creates spirits with a distinctive style.

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin

Arriving at Abastos 2.0, a casual restaurant on the edge of the main food market in Santiago de Compostela, we felt like a good gin and tonic before dinner.

Craft Beer in Bariloche

Discover two craft beer brewpubs in Bariloche, Cerveceria Blest and Cerveceria Berlina, both a five-minute walk of El Casco Art Hotel.

Mezcal | A Delightful Small-Batch Artisanal Spirit

Like tequila, mezcal is distilled from the juice of the pina, the fruit of the agave plant.

Caribbean Rum

For 300 years, sailors in the British Royal Navy received a daily rum ration, which was doled out by the ship's purser.

The Last Tiki Bar

For reasons that elude me, I decided to visit a tiki bar on my latest trip to Hawaii, Honolulu seeming to be the most promising venue. One would think that finding a tiki bar there would be effortless.

Web Exclusive: Hawaiian Rum

Given Hawaii’s vast fields of sugar cane, it is not surprising that the islands produce the quintessential cane-based spirit: rum. Perhaps the most intriguing comes from an old Quonset hut on Maui, just across the road from the Hali’imaile General Store restaurant.

Venetian Bacari

Venetians often break their day for a snack of cicchetti (hors d’oeuvres) in one of the city’s bacari, or distinctive wine bars. Here are four of my favorites.

Favorite Santa Fe Bars

Here are four of our favorite bars from our recent stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Lanesborough's Bloody Mary

This classic Bloody Mary recipe from The Lanesborough arrived in our inbox around the same time that we heard the news about the hotel's closure for

Holiday Cocktail: The Cranberry Cobbler

Here is a light and refreshing cocktail recipe we have been eyeing that would go well paired with a traditional Thanksgiving menu or simply served on its own.

Our 10 Favorite Culinary Destinations

The 10 cities highlighted here attract visitors not just for their sites, scenery and experiences, but also for their cuisine.

Refreshments: The Best 19th Hole

The Golfer’s Corner Lounge Bar in The Dunvegan Hotel is a short walk from the 18th green of the Old Course.

Charleston’s Best Bars

As befits a city with so many fine restaurants, Charleston also has a range of pleasant bars in which to relax in between meals.

The Breakers Unveils a New Bar: HMF

The Breakers, a 540-room oceanfront resort amid 140 acres seven miles from the Palm Beach airport, has debuted a dramatically renovated bar and dining room just steps from the main lobby in the historic Florentine Room.

Ernest Shackleton & Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky

Talk about scotch on the rocks! On Saturday, January 19, three bottles of Scotch whisky bottled in 1898 were returned to the place where they were found — frozen in solid ice under the floorboards of the wooden hut built by legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton and the crew of his heroic but unsuccessful Nimrod expedition to reach the South Pole.

Flor de Caña: The Spirit of Nicaragua

A mojito at Jicaro Island Ecolodge Some of the finest rum in the world comes from Nicaragua, produced by the century-old Flor de Caña distillery. Durin

West Indian Rum

A consistent pleasure of the Caribbean over the years has been the discovery of local rums. This was certainly the case on our most recent trip, where the biggest surprise was on Antigua. I had not thought of it as a rum island, but in fact, it has a robust industry and a couple of fine products.

Whisky Recommendations

This particular whisky is Islay in a bottle: sea salt, peat smoke and a not-unpleasant seaweed tang.

Five Great Australian Rosés

Responding to their global popularity, more and more of Australia's winemakers are adding rosés to their lines. Many are excellent. Here are the ones we enjoyed most during our recent trip Down Under.

Fat Tuesday and the Rebirth of the Sazerac Bar

Copyright Sazerac Bar We would like to wish a very happy Mardis Gras to our three recommended properties in New Orleans: the historic Soniat House

A St. Patrick's Day Ode to Irish Whiskey

The Old Midleton Distillery outside of Cork, Ireland. Flickr Copyright Wim Stam While others use the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day to immerse themselves in seas

The Michelada: A Summer Beer Cocktail

The classic Mexican beer cocktail comes in three basic variants: the Chelada, the Michelada and the Ojo Rojo.