Best Things to Do in Puebla

Fans of San Miguel's colonial architecture, fine restaurants and mild climate will find much to love about Puebla. Founded in 1531, it feels much less touristy.

Best Travel Experiences: Editors' Choice 2020

Several life-changing adventures marked 2019 as an unforgettable year in travel. Here are our Editors' Choice Awards for best travel experiences.

Contrasting Safari Lodges at Victoria Falls

Visitors to Victoria Falls in the rainy season are rewarded in many ways. On this trip we stayed on the Zambia side and the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

Excursion to Isla Espíritu Santo

The city of La Paz is convenient to one of Baja's star attractions, Isla Espiritu Santo, where one can snorkel with sea lions.

Adventures in the Baja Desert

It doesn't take long to escape the overdevelopment of Baja. Drivers took us on two excursions, one into the desert and one to a lush oasis.

An Evening Out: Night Hike at Mashpi Lodge

One of the most memorable activities at Mashpi Lodge was a night hike through the cloud forest with a view across a valley lined by jungle-clad mountains.

Sightseeing: Cruising Lake Nahuel Huapi

The most luxurious way to explore this mountain lake is to arrange for a private motor launch and guide.

Our Staff's Favorite Travel Experiences, Part 1

The Andrew Harper staff travels extensively, and, here, they share a few of their favorite experiences they've collected throughout their travels.

A Soak in Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Yes, it may be a tourist trap, but soaking in the milky blue water of the Blaa lonid (blue lagoon) as the thick mist swirls around you is an enjoyable way to spend a free afternoon in Iceland.

Excursion: Telluride's Spectacular Tomboy Road

On the recommendation of the Hotel Columbia, we reserved places on Telluride Outside's 4x4 tour up Tomboy Road to the ghost town of Tomboy itself.

Photo Gallery: White Sands National Monument

The otherworldly terrain of the White Sands National Monument could hardly be more different from the pine forests of Ruidoso, only 90 minutes away. A lo

Excursion: Germany’s Highest Mountain

On a clear day, you'll be hard pressed to find a better view than from the 9,700-foot Zugspitze Germany's highest Alpine peak.

Costa Rican Cultural Adventures

Costa Rica’s biggest draw is its colorful and incredibly diverse wildlife, but some of our most memorable experiences involved delving into the local culture.

Excursion: Jungle Boat Adventure

Those willing to look past Tortuga Lodge’s rather simple accommodations will be amply rewarded by unforgettable excursions into the surrounding environment.

Wildlife: Cloud Forest

The main point of staying at El Silencio Lodge is to take advantage of the endlessly beautiful cloud forest at its doorstep.

Hiking in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

This extravagantly scenic 2,000-acre park hugs the Pacific Coast between La Jolla and Del Mar.

Excursion: Cliff Hikes

The most dramatic segment of the Garden Route lies just east of Plettenberg Bay. For about 50 miles, the landscape is one of forests, gorges, waterfalls and vertiginous cliffs.