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The Joys of Traveling During Shoulder Season

Traveling during peak seasons carries a price. Hotels are expensive and restaurants are overcrowded. Read our tips for traveling during shoulder season.

From the Travel Office: Nonstop Flights to Australia

In a turbulent world, Australia is increasingly attractive to affluent American travelers as a peaceful and friendly destination.

Staff-Favorite Holiday Travel Destinations

Whether you're gathering the whole family or looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet, the holiday season is ripe for making memories.

From the Travel Office: Holiday Travel

The travel advisors of the Andrew Harper Travel Office offers ideas and points to availability for destinations to book for 2015 holiday travel.

From the Travel Office: Australia by Private Jet

A remarkable 14-day Andrew Harper Journey from October 19-November 1 combines the pleasures of Sydney and Melbourne with the Australian great outdoors.

From the Travel Office: Tour the National Parks

National Parks Revealed, our new travel partner, specializes in customized private journeys for those in search of authenticity and adventure.

Booking a Luxury Cruise | Travel Office News

This is the time of year when many subscribers call the Travel Office to book their annual cruises.

From the Travel Office: Planning a Family Vacation

A shared vacation makes a wonderful holiday gift, and we would be delighted to help assemble an attractive package to put under the tree.

Central Europe by Private Jet | Join Us

Are you interested in touring central Europe by private jet? Join Andrew Harper for an information session about this unforgettable Signature Tour.

How to Secure the Best Hotel Rates

Each year at this time, the Andrew Harper Alliance team finalizes contracts with partner hotels, securing special rates and valuable benefits at the majority of recommended properties around the globe.

Travel Office News: Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

Deciding on the right travel insurance policy can be tricky. You need to be covered, but not overinsured. The Travel Office has worked with Travelex for more than a decade now, and our consultants have familiarized themselves with the company's policies -- along with those of partner MedjetAssist -- and can help you choose the right coverage for every vacation.

Indelible Experiences from the Travel Office

The Andrew Harper Travel consultants are among the most well-traveled in the industry. From magical moments to unforgettable encounters, they share a few of their most indelible experiences.

On the Road to Ruins: 10 Favorite Greek Ruins in Turkey, Italy and Greece

More than 2,000 years after their construction, the great buildings of classical Greece still have power to stir the heart. Architects have drawn inspiration from their elegant proportions and graceful ornamentation for millennia, and yet the remaining original structures have not given up all their secrets.

A Celebration of American Wine: Top 10 Wine Regions

In honor of Independence Day, we in the Travel Office decided to do our patriotic duty and investigate America's most fascinating wine regions.

Travel Office News: Our Air Department Continues to Expand

We are pleased to say that many more subscribers have come to appreciate the benefits of booking airplane tickets through the Travel Office. The staff in our expanding Air Department support the travel consultants, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that all flight bookings proceed as smoothly as possible.

Travel Office News: Be Sure to Plan Ahead for the Winter Holidays

After this year’s miserable winter, it’s perfectly understandable if you prefer not to contemplate the return of cold weather. But there is little time to waste if you wish to travel somewhere warm over the winter holidays.

Travel Office News: Cruise Reservations for Winter 2014-15

A supremely relaxing way to travel with family and friends is aboard one of the smaller luxury cruise ships. Cruises over the winter holidays tend to be especially popular.

Special Occasions: A Birthday Party in the Serengeti

Last year, the Travel Office opened a “Special Occasions Desk” dedicated to arranging events such as family reunions, honeymoons and milestone birthday parties.

10 Famous Routes

Long before recorded history began, man has been an explorer. Intrepid early explorers found the way, and traders soon followed in their footsteps.

Travel Office News: Signature Tour — ‘Burma: The Changing Face of Asia’

We are excited to announce our third Signature Tour of 2014, a 12-night exploration of Burma from November 4-16.

Favorite Wine Country Itineraries

Sample itineraries from The Andrew Harper Travel Office that showcase Napa, Tuscany, Provence and South Africa’s Cape Winelands at their best, with plenty of unusual and exclusive experiences included. Any of the following journeys would truly be unforgettable.

Meet the Guides: Butterfield & Robinson's Daniel Bower, Luca Pacchioni & Erin Reed

Since 1966, Butterfield & Robinson has designed active journeys to incredible destinations the world over, on bike or foot for the active traveler, or simply geared toward specific travel interests, such as food and wine, or family adventure.

Last Minute Options for the Holidays

Around this time of year, the Travel Office’s phones start to ring with calls from people who want to go “somewhere warm” for the holidays. Alas, many of the most obvious destinations have already sold out.

Meet the Guides: TCS & Starquest Expeditions

Lynn Garrison has circled the globe countless times and loves highlighting new discoveries for our guests at every stop. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s learned a thing or two about life on the road and kindly shares her travel advice with us.

From the Travel Office: Holiday Shopping Escapes

It’s always a delight to visit New York during the holiday season: to do some seasonal shopping; to try a new restaurant; to soak up the atmosphere of celebration.

Basecamp Bangkok

Travelers exploring Southeast Asia are hard-pressed to avoid Bangkok, Thailand, the region’s most important transportation hub. Fortunately, this city happens to be one of Asia’s most exciting and intriguing places, with an array of exquisite hotels which rank among the best in the world.

Europe At Its Most Festive

Holiday markets in Prague, Vienna and Dresden serve up the best of the season’s spirit. The Andrew Harper Travel Office has put together what we think is an ideal Christmas market itinerary, allowing you and your family to make the most of Europe’s most festive season.

Meet the Guides: Asia Transpacific Journeys

The Andrew Harper Traveler visits with travel partner Asia Transpacific Journeys.

Safety in Mexico

In its Travel Warning of November 20, 2012, the State Department cautions against visits only to certain regions of Mexico, chiefly in the north and especially along the U.S. border.

From the Travel Office: What to Reserve Right Now

It's almost always possible to find last-minute space somewhere, but why compromise?

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