Hamburg’s Extraordinary Planten un Blomen Park

On a fine warm day in Hamburg, there are two places to be: on a sightseeing cruise or in the Planten un Blomen Park.

Hospitality Awards: Those Going Above and Beyond

Many people play a role in making a hotel stay or a dinner a success. Here we honor the chefs, sommeliers, owners and staff with Hospitality Awards.

Hamburg’s Three Best Sightseeing Cruises

Hamburg invites leisurely exploration by pleasure cruise. I tried three cruises during the course of our stay, and each proved memorable.

9 Best Hamburg Cafés for Kaffee und Kuchen

The Teutonic version of afternoon tea, Kaffee und Kuchen, is still going strong in Germany. Here are nine of the best cafes in Hamburg.

Indelible Memory: Baltic Coast Beaches

Between Ole Liese and Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort, in the coastal town of Hohwacht, Germany, is the start of one of Europe's great beach walks.

Hamburg Bookshelf: Thomas Mann’s “Buddenbrooks”

Thomas Mann's novel "Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family" is a masterpiece. It would be enjoyable for anyone, but especially those traveling to Hamburg.

Germany’s Captivating Baltic Coastline

The Baltic Coast may be terra incognita, but a recent visit uncovered civilized beaches, fresh seafood and a true hideaway.

Lübeck and the European Museum of the Hanseatic League

The Europaeisches Hansemuseum in Luebeck chronicles the story of the Hanseatic League, the trading partnership of the 12th through 15th centuries.

Schleswig’s Magnificent Schloss Gottorf

The tidy town of Schleswig has a quaint old quarter of colorful small houses and one of Germany's most impressive palaces: Schloss Gottorf.

Gourmet Retreat on the Elbe

Just minutes from Hamburg, Jacob's Restaurant, in Hotel Louis C. Jacob, is a sensational Michelin two-star experience overlooking the Elbe.

The Elbphilharmonie: The New Symbol of Hamburg

It seems only fitting that the birthplace of Brahms and Mendelssohn should have one of the world's great concert halls: The Elbphilharmonie.

Germany's Most Exciting City: The Newly Vibrant Hamburg

The most exciting city in Germany right now is Hamburg, one of the continent's wealthiest cities and for centuries one of its most important ports.

Shopping in Hamburg’s Passages

Hamburg's shopping “passages,” mostly in the Neustadt neighborhood, are worth a visit, especially on a cold or rainy day.

Favorite Hamburg Restaurants

In Hamburg, Andrew Harper sought out restaurants with more of a sense of place. Here are six of his delicious discoveries.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Hamburg and the Baltic Coast

The October Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper's travels to the dynamic city of Hamburg, where we discovered two new luxury hotels to recommend.

Letter From the Editor: October 2017

The October 2017 issue sees Andrew Harper in Peru, trying new hotels in Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. The issue also covers Hamburg and the Baltic Coast.

Just Back From: Bavaria

A five-day stay at Schloss Elmau Luxury Spa Retreat and Cultural Hideaway in Bavaria makes for a memorable trip amid Alpine beauty.

Just Back From: Schloss Elmau Luxury Spa

Andrew Harper's general manager just returned from Bavaria, where she stayed at the Schloss Elmau Spa & Resort, an amazing experience she won't soon forget.

Summit Up: The Central Alps

Stretching from the Mediterranean coast of France to close to the Adriatic Sea, the Alps traverse eight countries and cover more than 80,000 square miles.

Medieval Pursuits: Germany

This drive through Germany begins in Frankfurt and continues on to Rothenburg, one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in all of Europe.

Europe Grand Awards 2016

Each year, we have the pleasure of singling out a number of particularly memorable hotels and resorts. These are the top hotels in Europe selected.

The Hotel Adlon

Few hotels have had as tumultuous a history as the Hotel Adlon Kempinski with a fate that has mirrored that of its home city, Berlin, Germany.

Bookshelf: Memories of Old Prussia

"Before the Storm, Memories of My Youth in Old Prussia" is Countess Marion Dönhoff's memoir, and takes place in East Prussia before it became part of Russia.

Berlin Boutiques Walking Tour

On this trip to Berlin, Germany, I sought out smaller boutiques and quirkier shopping streets in hopes of finding some unique gifts to bring home.

A Tour of Dresden in Photos

Andrew Harper shares photos from a recent trip to Dresden, Germany.

Rococo Splendor at the Sanssouci Palace

In Potsdam, outside Berlin, Frederick the Great built Prussia’s answer to Versailles: Sanssouci, or “Without a Care.” The main palace stands atop vineyards.

German Craft Beer

Berlin’s most famous beer, the insubstantial Berliner Kindl Weisse, regularly disappoints travelers who come to Germany expecting unforgettable brews.

Dresden’s New Military History Museum

Originally an armory, one of Germany’s most important military history museums opened in 2011 as the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr in Dresden.

City Guide: Berlin

Enjoy this travel guide to Berlin with tips, recommendations and ideas for where to eat, stay and shop in this enticing city.

Favorite Movies Set in Berlin

Berlin has served as the setting for countless films, and in the early years of moviemaking, its studios rivaled those in Hollywood.

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