Hiking Hawaii

The Hawaiian archipelago is famous for its beaches and snorkeling, but the hiking is also superb. Here are four contrasting hikes we enjoyed on three islands.

Outdoor Excursions in the San Diego Area

There's much more to Southern California coast towns than beautiful beaches. Here are five outdoor excursions beyond the sand and surf.

Hiking Out West: Hit the Trails From These Favorite Hotels

Fortunately, the United States has no shortage of evocative places in which to tramp. Here are seven of our favorite hiking hotels out West.

Favorite Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Lake-studded Grand Teton National Park offers magnificently scenic hiking opportunities. Fortunately, even on the busiest days, it's possible to avoid crowds.

What to Do in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an outdoor enthusiasts dream destination. Besides hiking, it's spectacular for horseback riding, fishing, cliff jumping and much more.

Video: A Hike in Snow Canyon State Park

A detour to Snow Canyon State Park proved to be a highlight of our writer's trip to the Southwest. Enjoy this video from his day amid the petrified dunes.

Exploring Chile’s Lake District

Prosperous Chile offers geographic diversity in the form of the Atacama Desert, fertile wine valleys, snow-covered peaks, trout streams and Pacific fjords.

Adventures in Chilean Patagonia

Horseback riding, rafting down Class IV and V rapids, hooking monster trout, trekking through national parks: Chilean Patagonia has all that and more.

Beat the Crowds: Zion National Park

Despite the crowds and long lines, there are still ways to escape the crowds and enjoy the beauty of Zion National Park in relative solitude.

An Unforgettable Walk in Runyon Canyon

An afternoon hike in Runyon Canyon, a park rising from Hollywood up into the hills, proved exhilarating in the cool air and ultimately "very L.A."

Hiking Los Angeles: 4 Parks to Explore

Los Angeles has a reputation for endless urban sprawl, but in fact it's easy to find scenic hikes within the metro area. Here are four parks we explored.

Top 5 Things to Do in Crested Butte

It may seem like another sleepy Colorado town, but Crested Butte is bursting with things to do, especially if you want to spend your time outdoors.

Awasi Iguazú: A New Rainforest Refuge

A trip to Argentina and Brazil uncovers two contrasting resorts on Iguazú Falls, one a true hideaway and the other a large hacienda-style hotel.

Ask the Editors: Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures

The world’s most lavish travel experiences aren't just about hotels. Our editor-in-chief reveals his favorite outdoor adventures from a lifetime of travel.

My Favorite Hike in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains

Georgia's Caucasus Mountains offer numerous stupendous hikes. The most famous is up to the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church, beneath Mount Kazbek.

Gear for the Great Outdoors: 13 Smart Buys Before You Go

Before your next outdoor adventure, prepare with a few smart purchases. Here are 12 items that you shouldn't leave home without.

Best Travel Experiences of the Year

A Norway cruise, a train ride in Peru, kayaking in Washington State: These were just a few of our best experiences traveling this year.

5 Favorite Island Parks of Puget Sound

The islands in Washington’s Salish Sea are blessed with scenic parks and nature reserves. Here are my favorite five parks, in order from south to north.

Indelible Memory: Baltic Coast Beaches

Between Ole Liese and Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort, in the coastal town of Hohwacht, Germany, is the start of one of Europe’s great beach walks.

Indelible Memory: A Hike Above the Sacred Valley

A two-hour trek above the Sacred Valley unveiled Veronica's crenellated glaciers, terraces of the Inca and the indigenous people of Peru.

Summit to Chalet: Hiking the Maritime Alps

Our correspondent gets the chance to hike the Maritime Alps, staying in rifugios between hikes. The excursion proves more difficult than expected.

A Journey Through Exotic Peru

Andrew Harper travels to exotic Peru and experienced new hotels in Lima, Cusco and the nearby Sacred Valley.

Best Travel Experiences 2017

Andrew Harper looks back at the year in travel and reminisces about his most memorable experiences.

Hiking Vancouver

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city encircled by water and deep-green mountains. On this trip, it was a priority for me to explore the city's natural surroundings.

Hiking in the Bernese Oberland

The Swiss Alps are crisscrossed by a web of hiking trails that caters to virtually every level of fitness and affords spectacular views of mountain panoramas.

Discovering the Remote Lower Engadine Valley

Dotted with tiny villages and ancient stone houses, the Lower Engadine is peaceful and unspoiled, a small fragment of Europe where modernity has yet to intrude.

An Evening Out: Night Hike at Mashpi Lodge

One of the most memorable activities at Mashpi Lodge was a night hike through the cloud forest with a view across a valley lined by jungle-clad mountains.

Sightseeing: Cruising Lake Nahuel Huapi

The most luxurious way to explore this mountain lake is to arrange for a private motor launch and guide.

Mountain Hikes: Cerro Catedral

About 15 miles from Llao Llao, Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill) gained fame as a ski resort, but it offers sensational panoramas at every season.

Sensational New Zealand Hiking Trails

New Zealand possesses some of the world’s most dramatic long-distance hiking trails, which for many American visitors provide the highlights of their trips.

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