Dubrovnik's Best Hideaways

From the beach to the historic city center, these are our favorite new properties in Dubrovnik -- along with a longtime recommend that gets downgraded.

Indelible Memory: A Wasted Day in Dubrovnik

When an unexpected circumstance forces you to diverge from your itinerary, welcome the change of plans. This is how some of the best travel memories are made.

Top Dubrovnik Restaurants

With its impeccable seafood and world-class wines, Dubrovnik boasts an impressive culinary scene -- and it just earned its first Michelin star to show for it.

An Exhilarating Afternoon Above Dubrovnik

Guidebooks all recommend taking the cable car to the top of Mount Srd and walking down. Despite the tourists, this is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Cooking With a Local in Croatia

A local-led private cooking class is the best way to become acquainted with regional cuisine, and even better when enjoyed with a view of the sea.

A Museum in Split Worth a Detour

Travelers to Split, Croatia, could be forgiven for never leaving the old center, but art lovers should visit Mestrovic Gallery.

The Best Dalmatian Wine Bars

I highly recommend trying some of Croatia's inviting wine bars. I found five immensely enjoyable ones along the Dalmatian Coast.

Como Hotel Debut

Lake Como has no lack of glamorous properties, but now the town of Como itself has a new hotel that may prove worthy of its glorious setting.

Wine Tasting in Croatia

We traversed the coast of Croatia, visiting four different wineries and discovering the immense potential of the country's diverse terroirs.

Exploring Croatia's Exquisite Dalmatian Coast

Croatia's coast is home to well-preserved medieval towns, Roman ruins and stunning views. Follow our editor's lead to discover the region's best accommodations.

Dining Along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Croatia has developed a well-respected culinary scene to match its world-class wines. We recommend dining at these seven Dalmatian Coast restaurants.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Croatia

Our editor traveled along the Croatian coast, from Split to Dubrovnik, staying in comfort the whole way. He discovered three new hotels.

Letter From the Editor: July 2018

The July 2018 Hideaway Report sees us hotel hopping from the gorgeous coastline of Croatia to a vast track of wilderness in New Mexico.