June 2016

In this issue, Andrew Harper shares luxury travel recommendations from a recent trip to New Zealand. Over the course of the month, we will also be releasing Andrew Harper's trip report from Hawaii, travel photos, an itinerary and more.


Video: The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Watch video from Andrew Harper's stay at The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in the Hawaiian Islands.

Hideaway Report Classic: The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

In the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel's boutique, I purchased a few postcards with aerial photos of the hotel and its broad sweep of private beach.

A New Zealand Trout-Fishing Journey

New Zealand's mountain scenery is glorious, the food and wine exceptional, there are outstanding golf courses and the trout fishing is incomparable.

Video: Cruising Through the Hawaiian Islands

Watch video from Andrew Harper's Hawaii Islands cruise on a seven-night journey aboard Un-Cruise's 36-passenger Safari Explorer.

Video: A New Maui Hotel Discovery

Watch video from Andrew Harper's new hotel discovery in the Hawaiian Islands, beach resort Hotel Wailea.

Eichardt’s Hotel Expansion in Queenstown

Eichardt's in Queenstown is undergoing a significant expansion that will add two Hotel Lake View Suites, a 2,600-square-foot Penthouse and a new restaurant.

Video: The Pampas, Argentina

Andrew Harper's stay at an estancia in The Pampas near Buenos Aires, Argentina as reviewed in the July issue of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

New Zealand Hotel and Resort Closures

With regret, I learned that two New Zealand properties long favored by Andrew Harper members are closing.

Video: New Zealand Fly-Fishing Odyssey

Video from Andrew Harper's New Zealand Fly-fishing trip traversing the North and South Island.

Additional Fishing Lodges in New Zealand

During my recent trip, I asked guides and other knowledgeable people which New Zealand fishing lodges currently enjoy the highest reputations.

New Zealand: Escaping at Annandale

For those who would like to spend part of a New Zealand trip sequestered in a private world, just reading, relaxing and gazing out to sea, Annandale is perfect.

New Zealand Wines to Watch

One of the considerable pleasures of travel in New Zealand is the chance to try some of the country's admirable wines.

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands Aboard Safari Explorer

Travel through the Hawaiian islands has long been a favorite assignment. We opted to experience the archipelago aboard Un-Cruise’s 36-passenger Safari Explorer.

Hawaii Bookshelf

Recommended reading for a trip to Hawaii from editor-in-chief Andrew Harper.

A New Maui Hotel Discovery

I sought a post-cruise stay at luxury hideaway Hotel Wailea, somewhere removed from the crowds and with memorable views of the Pacific.

New and Noteworthy, June 2016

Andrew Harper points to notable luxury travel news — a new Ponant Cuba Cruise, Galapagos Safari Camp and the renovation of Sanctuary Chief's Camp in Botswana.

Travel to Cuba: Not So Fast

Ever since the reopening of the American Embassy last August, the big story in travel has been Cuba. The excitement is understandable.

Letter From the Editor, June 2016

Andrew Harper reviews his travels from this month's issue, from the trout-filled streams of New Zealand to the islands of Hawaii.

Notable Hawaiian Art Galleries

During time ashore in Lahaina, I discovered three galleries and a home-décor shop well worth browsing.

Lanai Hotel Update

It is with keen anticipation that I have followed the progress of renovations at the two Four Seasons resorts on the unspoiled island of Lanai.

Sensational New Zealand Hiking Trails

New Zealand possesses some of the world’s most dramatic long-distance hiking trails, which for many American visitors provide the highlights of their trips.

New Zealand Golf Highlights

Over the years, I have received many requests for advice about golf vacations. If I could go anywhere in the world for golf, the answer is New Zealand.

Photos: Snorkeling in Hawaii

Andrew Harper shares travel photos and favorite trip experiences from a recent snorkeling trip in Hawaii, featured in the June 2016 Hideaway Report.