June 2018

FROM THE EDITOR: Sometimes, we discover a place that is truly one of a kind. Nihi Sumba is a spectacular new resort located on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. A reported $30 million was invested to build 27 lavish villas (with 38 rooms), which overlook a mile and a half of tide-swept sand, edged by aquamarine sea and backed by thickly forested hills. If ever a $2,000-a-night resort could be accurately described as “cool,” then this is it. This issue also covers Amsterdam, where we were impressed by the new 16-room Hotel TwentySeven. Read more from our editor-in-chief...


Last Word: Singapore’s Sudden Hotel Boom

Though known as a hotel desert for years, Singapore is now experiencing an awakening as a number of luxury and boutique hotels open across the island.

Five Small Museums in Amsterdam

Dive deeper into culture-rich Amsterdam by visiting some of its smaller, but no less fascinating, museums of art and history.

Five Endangered Species in Indonesia

Indonesia's tropical forests are home to a wide variety of species, many facing extinction. Here are five to know.

Sundy Praia Opens Off the West African Coast

The newly opened Sundy Praia resort lets visitors discover the untapped beauty of Sao Tome and Principe, an island nation off the coast of West Africa.

Dutch Goods: 4 Hip Concept Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has become one of the most interesting shopping destinations in Europe. Here are four of our favorite shops for everything from clothing to candles.

Indelible Memory: A Morning Stroll in Keukenhof Gardens

A visit to colorful Keukenhof is essential when visiting Amsterdam, and the colorful gardens are best enjoyed early in the morning, before the crowds arrive.

Amanwana: Glamping at Its Finest, in Indonesia

Amanwana's tented wilderness retreat provides direct access to all the natural wonders on the island of Moya without skimping on luxury.

Jakarta's Urban Sanctuary

Jakarta attracts relatively few foreign visitors. But for those overnighting there, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta offers a sanctuary amid the sprawl.

Indonesia: Where Komodo Dragons Are King

Take a trip to the Indonesian islands to view the mighty Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, and snorkel in the pristine Flores Sea.

Four Seasons Seychelles Reopens After Two-Year Redesign

The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island opened in 1988. Now, a two-year redesign breathes new life into the Mahe luxury hotel.

A Journey to the Orangutans

After an hourlong flight across the Java Sea from Jakarta, I landed at Pangkalan Bun, near Borneo, to meet my guide and the orangutans that call it home.

Indelible Memory: Dawn at Nihi Sumba

Sometimes traveler's insomnia has its advantages. A case of jet lag gifts us peaceful early-morning reveries on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba.

Cruising the Indonesian Archipelago

The best way to explore the remoter areas of the Indonesian archipelago is by luxury boat. Aman Resorts and Alila Hotels offer upscale options.

Contrasting New Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam appeals to travelers of all ages and interests. The opening of the 16-room Hotel TwentySeven and Kimpton De Witt brought us back for a visit.

New Restaurant Discoveries in Amsterdam

For many years, the food scene in Amsterdam was unremarkable. That has changed. A new generation of talented local chefs is reinventing the Dutch kitchen.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Amsterdam

Drawing us for a visit this time was Amsterdam’s array of incredible restaurants and the opening of two new hotels, only one of which made the cut.

Hotel Savoy Reopens to Showcase Polizzi and Pucci Designs

Following a six-month renovation, the Hotel Savoy on Florence’s bustling Piazza della Repubblica reopens, debuting designs by Pucci and Olga Polizzi.

Letter From the Editor: June 2018

Sometimes, we discover a place that is truly one of a kind. For the June 2018 Hideaway Report, we review a spectacular resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Indonesia

The June 2018 issue of The Hideaway Report covers Indonesia and Amsterdam, where we discovered several new impressive hotels.

Nihi Sumba: The Ultimate Hideaway

Sometimes, remarkable hideaways turn up in the unlikeliest of places. Located 250 miles east of Bali, Nihi Sumba is one such example.

A Serene Clifftop Sanctuary in Bali

Nowadays travel sophisticates tend to sniff, “Bali’s finished,” but that's not fair. We visited Alila Villas Uluwatu in the south and were duly impressed.