Luxury African Safaris

The Hideaway Report has recommended the world’s best luxury safari lodges and camps for over three decades. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway to Africa’s most luxurious lodges or a more rugged wildlife safari deep in the bush, we have the advice and expertise to get you there in style.

How to Choose an African Safari

A safari — simply a “journey” in the East African language of Swahili — can be a two-night excursion by private plane from Johannesburg or a monthlong hike through the highlands of northern Kenya. You may stay in an air-conditioned suite with a private pool or sleep in a tent with large wild creatures very audibly close at hand.


What to Know


How to Get the Best Wildlife Photos on Safari

Get the best wildlife photos on safari. The studio manager at Londolozi, in South Africa, discusses five essential pieces of gear for every safari-goer.

Planning Your African Safari Tour

An extended safari will involve complex transfer arrangements; let the Andrew Harper Travel Office help.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Wildlife Photography

The photography studio manager at Londolozi Game Reserve, in South Africa, explains how to master the art of wildlife photography while on safari.

What to See on a Wildlife Safari

Big game sightings will complete your safari experience. Here is an overview of the animals you may see and the areas to in which to best view them.

Let Your Safari Photos Tell the Story That Stirs You

Amanda Ritchie, the photography studio manager at Londolozi Game Reserve, reminds us to capture the great moments on safari but also to live them.

Tented Camp or Luxury Safari Lodge?

Safaris have changed a lot over the years. First-time travelers should ask themselves one question: "Just how comfortable do I want to be?"

Our Editor's Safari Packing List

Follow in the footsteps of our editor-in-chief and pack what he does when he goes on safari. Here we have compiled his packing guide.

Luxury African Safari Camps Raised on Stilts

We rounded up the most elite elevated safari camps in Africa, all of which share one design element: They are raised on stilts.

Private Charter Flights on Safari

For a family or a group of friends, the best way to enjoy a complex safari itinerary is by private air charter.