May 2018 Hideaway Report

FROM THE EDITOR: It is not often that we find a hotel that seems close to perfection, but our experience at the Royal Mansour was wholly exceptional. Created by the King of Morocco as a showpiece, the property opened in 2010, but it wasn’t until late 2016 that the 53-riad (traditional house) hotel completed its outdoor pool and gardens. As a complete contrast, this Hideaway Report also contains a description and assessment of the new 37-room Villa Maïa hotel, which overlooks the gracious city of Lyon from a hilltop perch. Read more from our editor-in-chief...


Moroccan Countryside Retreats

A drive through the unspoiled countryside outside Marrakech brings you to abandoned citadels, crumbling villages and two wonderful hotels.

Lyon’s Elegant New Sanctuary

Given Lyon's popularity, it is surprising that it has few upscale hotels of real character. Upon hearing of 37-room Villa Maia, I booked a trip immediately.

What Guidebooks Get Wrong About Marrakech

Guidebooks and travel magazines offer all sorts of advice about how to explore Morocco's souks, much of it misguided. Here's how they get it wrong.

Indelible Memory: Crossing the Tizi n’Tichka Pass

Nothing can quite prepare you for experiencing a full-blown blizzard in Morocco, but that's just what we encountered crossing the Tizi n'Tichka Pass.

Marrakech's Beautiful, Awful Airport: Arrival Strategies

The new Marrakech airport may be visually striking, but it is a terrible experience for travelers, especially those on domestic flights within Morocco.

Best (and Worst) Marrakech Museums

Marrakech plays host to quite a few museums. Here are five worth visiting and one to avoid -- unless you don't mind hordes of tourists jostling selfie sticks.

Evocative Ruins of Morocco

Southeastern Morocco has an unusually dense concentration of ruins -- crumbling houses and ksour. Many will likely not survive the next 50 years.

Moroccan Wine: A Pleasant Surprise

Morocco may forbid drinking in public, but alcohol is not hard to come by in restaurants and hotels. Here's how to wisely choose your Moroccan wines.

Indelible Memory: Lunch at Le Garet

Eating in a bouchon is as much about conviviality as it is food. These places are profoundly French, happy and communal. Le Garet is no exception.

New Lyon Restaurant Discoveries

In Lyon, a new generation of chefs is experimenting with lighter, more-health-conscious cuisine. Here are our favorite restaurant discoveries.

Rooms With a View: Relais de Chambord Opens

In March, Relais de Chambord, a hotel of 55 rooms and suites, opened in the shadow of the 16th-century Chateau de Chambord.

Memorable Marrakech Restaurants

Marrakech has no shortage of excellent restaurants in a range of neighborhoods. Here are four options we recommend.

Where to Shop — and Not Shop — in Marrakech

Marrakech ranks among the great shopping cities of the world. Here are 12 shops we visited — some worthy of recommending and some not.

Safari in Style: Royal Malewane Refurbished

Going into its third decade, Royal Malewane, in South Africa, gets a comprehensive refurbishment that includes updating the decor, spa and decking.

Aman Debuts in Mexico

The debut has just been announced of Amanvari, Aman Resorts' first hotel in Mexico, located on the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula.

Letter From the Editor: May 2018

In the May Hideaway Report, we venture to Morocco, where we stayed in one of the world's finest hotels. In contrast, this issue also reports on Lyon, France.

Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen

American Lucy Vanel, a French-certified pâtissier, runs Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen, a charming cooking school in the Croix-Rousse district of Lyon.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Lyon

The second destination in the May 2018 Hideaway Report focuses on Lyon, France, where the 37-room Villa Maïa recently opened and sparked our interest.

Three Lyon Museums Not to Miss

Lyon has a variety of fascinating museums, which are a reflection of the city’s long history and great wealth. Here are three we recommend visiting.

Touring the Great Châteaux of Bordeaux With Our Wine Concierge

Hideaway Report members have access to private tours and tastings at first-growth châteaux. Here is a sample itinerary we recently went on in Bordeaux.

Magnificent Marrakech and Its Showpiece Hotel

With one of the finest hotels in the world, evocative architecture, vibrant souks and exotic cuisine, Marrakech checks all the boxes.

The Moroccan Hammam: What to Expect

After his trip to Morocco, our editor explains the ins and outs of the traditional hammam treatment, including what to expect and how much it will cost.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Morocco

For the May 2018 Hideaway Report, we went from Marrakech to the Sahara. We found three hotels to recommend, one of which was truly remarkable.