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Newly Recommended Hotels in the Faroe Islands

Iceland and the Azores have been at the top of American bucket lists. Now another remote destination in the Atlantic is gaining attention: the Faroe Islands.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Greece

Our editor ventured to the island of Paros, at the center of the Aegean Sea, to investigate the opening of several new hotels. He came away impressed by two.

Newly Recommended Hotel in Brno, Czech Republic

Just a three-hour train ride from Prague, Brno is a charming city to see. We found a lovely, centrally located hotel there that made the place easy to explore.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in San Sebastián

The culinary scene in San Sebastian blew away our editor, but so did a 22-room hotel on Monte Igueldo, 10 minutes from the city center.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Prague

Visiting Prague in the winter off-season showcases a city true to itself. In addition to the two hotels we already recommended, here are two new finds.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Paris

The Paris hotel scene is vibrant and evolving. We recently visited and discovered three charming new hotels to recommend, on the Left Bank and in the Marais.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Menorca

Menorca is the next must-visit island off the coast of Spain. Besides the best beaches, it also boasts distinctive cuisine and fine boutique hotels.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is one of our favorite colonial cities in central Mexico. We stayed at three new hideaways but only one made the cut.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Florida

Our writer began this Florida trip in Amelia Island and ended it in Sarasota, hitting Surfside along the way. Three hotels made the cut.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Rome

On this trip to Rome, we tested out new boutique hotels, along with one grand hotel that has been receiving great travel press. Here's what we found.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Tennessee

Blackberry Farm has long been a member favorite, so it's no surprise that our editor was equally enamored of Blackberry Mountain, it's new sister property.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Vancouver

Our writer stayed in four hotels while she was in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, but she came away with two solid recommendations.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Scotland

Our writer stays in one country and experiences two wildly different hotels: an over-the-top 17th-century mansion and a historic golf resort.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Napa and Sonoma

Our writer found excellent hideaways in three areas of Northern California wine country: downtown Calistoga, Glen Ellen and Napa.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Calabria, Italy

With magnificent beaches, charming villages and a restaurant renaissance, there's a lot to love about Calabria. Here are two hotels we now recommend there.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Chile

Patagonia is what Yosemite or Yellowstone must have been like a century ago. Here are two hotels he discovered on his recent trip.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Alsace, France

On this trip to Alsace, our writer explored the picturesque Route des Vins, which winds through the Vosges Mountains. He found two hideaways to recommend there.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Arizona

The Phoenix-Scottsdale area is known for its resorts and golf courses. Our writer visited and found two recommendable hideaways there.

Newly Recommended Hotels in the Yucatán

On a recent trip to the Yucatán, we focused on destinations that have yet to attract cruise ships or chain hotels: Isla Holbox, Valladolid and Mérida.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Grenada

Boasting palm-fringed beaches, emerald mountains and a colorful capital, the island nation of Grenada is open for business. Here are two hotels we found there.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Portugal

On a recent visit, we scoped out intimate hotel options in Lisbon and traveled to the countryside to investigate new properties there.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Southern California

Our editor ventured to Southern California where he scouted out hotels in Los Angeles and Malibu in search of a hideaway. He found two.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Champagne

We spent 10 days in Champagne, France, a region known for its restaurants, hotels and fine wines. Here are three new hotel recommendations from our trip.

A Newly Recommended Hotel Near Santa Barbara

About 45 minutes from Santa Barbara, a blissfully rustic guest ranch enchanted our writer. With activities a priority here, it's perfect for family trips.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Cambodia

For the May 2019 issue, our editors recommend a resort that replicates the feel of a traditional Cambodian village and an ecolodge in the Cardamom Mountains.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Zimbabwe

Our editor traveled to Victoria Falls in the rainy season and found fewer crowds, prettier landscapes, lower prices and sophisticated accommodations.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Lowcountry

Charleston and Savannah are sister cities. For the April 2019 issue, our writer visited hotels in both and came away recommending one in Charleston.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Namibia

In Namibia, we saw desert-adapted giraffe, elephant and rhino, visited a Himba village and found two stunning new lodges to recommend.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Israel

Our editor had positive experiences in two of the hotels he stayed at in Tel Aviv. He split his time between Jaffa, the American Colony and the White City.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Colorado

For the March 2019 issue of the Hideaway Report, one of our editors reports on two lodges in Colorado, one in Crested Butte and the other just outside it.

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