November 2018

FROM THE EDITOR: For this issue, we took an extended trip to London to investigate new or recently renovated properties with 100 rooms or fewer. We came away with three recommendations. We also visited Japan, where we explored some of the country's most historic onsen. Read more from our editor-in-chief...


London’s Latest Boutique Hotels

London boasts inexhaustible cultural riches and a stellar restaurant scene. On this trip, our editor focused on new or recently renovated boutique hotels.

Soaking Up Japan: A Tour of New and Classic Onsen Ryokan

Our editor visits Japan and stays at four of the country's famous onsen ryokan (hot-spring inns) in Tokyo, Takayama, Matsuyama and Hakone,

Video: Highlights of London

Video of highlights of London, including the renovated Tate Britain, the re-created Globe theater, The London Mastaba and Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace.

Video: Riding the Anpanman-Themed Train in Japan

The Japanese have a way of making everything cute. Their trains are no exception. We rode the Anpanman-themed train from Kyoto to Matsuyama.

Beat the Crowds: A Day in Kyoto

Kyoto draws hordes of tour groups every day. As in many of the world's most touristy spots, the best idea is to start early. Here's a daylong itinerary.

Beat the Crowds: A Perfect Summer's Day in London

London draws major crowds in the summer high season. With this daylong itinerary, you can see the iconic sites while avoiding the tourists.

How to Visit London’s Royal Palaces

To get the most out of a visit to London's royal palaces, consider the month you'll be there and the atmospheres and styles of the tours.

Still Edgy or Gentrified and Bland? An Investigative Trip to Shoreditch

Some Londoners complain that Shoreditch, a once-edgy neighborhood north of the City, has become gentrified. Our writer spends an afternoon there investigating.

Indelible Memory: The Black Kites of Kyoto

A happy accident involving "black kites" and a sandwich on the banks of the Katsura River ends up feeling like a Kyoto rite of passage.

Video: Shirakawa-go Day Trip

Shirakawa-go is one of the best places to see traditional gassho-zukuri buildings, the steeply pitched thatched-roof houses still in use today.

6 Revamped London Museums Worth Seeing Again

London's world-class institutions display major pieces and are free to the public. These six have recently undergone renovations and are worth seeing again.

Anantara Opens New Resort in Vietnam

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas, a new 26-villa resort, opens on an untouched stretch of the Vietnamese coast, 70 minutes by plane northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Video: Hakone Round Course

Hakone is a popular day trip from Tokyo. This round course itinerary takes in the major sites via a gondola ride and a pirate ship ferry.

8 Favorite London Shops

London is one of the world’s greatest shopping cities. Here are eight stores for menswear and fragrances, plus one iconic whisky shop.

Touring Wimbledon — and Getting Those Coveted Tickets

Tickets to a Wimbledon match require some effort to obtain. So we booked a 90-minute guided tour of the facility and saw areas that are normally off-limits.

My Japanese Music Playlist: 7 Discoveries to Inspire a Trip

Get ready for a trip to Japan with our Spotify playlist, featuring everything from upbeat pop music to soothing classical from seven artists.

Shopping in Japan: Kyoto's Best Stores

If you love food and design, Kyoto has some of the best shopping in the world. Here are highlights from our most recent trip to Japan.

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Japan

For the November 2018 issue, our editor explored onsen ryokan in Japan. A new property occuping a high-rise in Tokyo proved to be the surprise of the trip.

The Estate Aims to Reimagine Napa

The Estate is a 22-acre enclave, located right in the center of Yountville, California, that aims to “redesign the Wine Country experience.”

Only in London: 10 Memorable Meals

London has numerous fine options for high-end British food. We focused on those restaurants, plus one or two new hot spots popular with locals.

Newly Recommended Hotels in London

For the November 2018 Hideaway Report, we stayed in six London hotels. Three made the cut: a design hotel, a contemporary property and a chic townhouse hotel.

Letter From the Editor: November 2018

For the November 2018 issue, we traveled to London and Japan. We found fine hotels in both, including a design hotel in Holborn and an onsen ryokan in Tokyo.