Private Islands on Our Radar

The idea of a private island is one of the most seductive in travel. Here are five that we are most anxious to visit.

Panama Eco-Retreat Proves the World Is Still Full of Surprises

A nine-casita eco-retreat off the coast of Panama is set to open in January 2019. It lies in the untouched Islas Secas archipelago.

4 Exotic Voyages Around the World

The exotic destinations come to you aboard these luxurious cruise lines that sail through Russia, India, the Panama Canal or southern Africa.

Panama City Hotel Discoveries

Panama City is evolving into a colorful destination, with activities and attractions worthy of a three- to four-night stay.

Panama City Restaurant Discovery

On this trip to Panama City, we discovered the excellent Madrigal, a Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant helmed by Michelin-starred chef Andres Madrigal.

Highlights of Historic Casco Viejo

The historic quarter of Casco Viejo features restored colonial buildings converted into high-end stores and galleries, restaurants and boutique hotels.

Frank Gehry’s Biomuseo

With more than 44,000 square feet of space, Panama's Biomuseo has eight display rooms for exhibitions related to technology, science and art.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Panama City and Mexico City

The July Hideaway Report follows Mr. Harper's travels to Panama City and Mexico City. He discovered two new luxury hotels to recommend.

Letter From the Editor: July 2017

A 10-day trip to the exquisite Dordogne valley uncovered two new hideaways. This issue also features Mexico City and Panama City.

10 Days in Panama

A sample Panama itinerary: Now that a number of sophisticated hotels have opened their doors, it's a great time to explore the world's most famous isthmus.

Grand Awards Central & South America

Located in the highlands of Chiriqui province,300 miles west of Panama City, the Panamonte was founded in 1914 by a retired railroad conductor, Joseph Wright of Texas. The original six-room hotel played host to Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh and the polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd, who came here to finish his memoirs. A Swedish couple bought "Pop Wright's hotel" in 1946, and it has been in the family since.

Panamanian Molas

The most distinctive Panamanian handicrafts are molas, the colorful cloth panels made by the women of the Kuna indigenous people, who live along the Caribbean littoral or on the San Blas Islands.

Shopping: The Classic Panama Hat

Panama hats originally came from Ecuador, but Panama got the credit because they were shipped from its ports. The style dates to the 17th century, when the conquistadors employed the indigenous Ecuadorians to adapt their native straw hats to European styles. This production was centered on the coastal towns of Jipijapa and Montecristi, where toquilla palms grew in abundance.

Friday Escape: Panamonte Inn & Spa, Panama

Panamonte Inn & Spa, Boquete, Panama "Venerable 1914 hotel, extensively renovated and expanded in 2008, in the delightful highla

Panama: New Options for Sophisticated Travelers

“A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.” Aside from being a clever palindrome, this simple phrase sums up the general perception of Panama: home to the great canal and beset by military strongmen, the last of whom, Manuel Noriega, was ousted in 1989.