Favorite Hotels of the Year: Editors' Choice 2020

In 2019, Hideaway Report editors traveled over 150,000 miles and discovered a number of sophisticated hideaways. Here are their favorites.

Adventures in Chilean Patagonia

Horseback riding, rafting down Class IV and V rapids, hooking monster trout, trekking through national parks: Chilean Patagonia has all that and more.

Patagonia Playlist: Music to Inspire Your Trip

One of the things that distinguishes Uman Lodge is the music that plays throughout its public spaces. Here is a soundtrack inspired by our stay in Patagonia.

Members' Choice 2018: Next on Your Bucket List

We asked our well-traveled members which three countries or regions are currently topping their bucket lists. Their answers were as exotic as expected.

Members' Choice 2018: Most Exciting Adventure Activities

For some of our members, a perfect vacation is best achieved by completing an exhilarating outdoor challenge. The following three properties excel at adventure.

From My Notebook, February 2015

Andrew Harper shares luxury travel industry news, openings and more in his monthly "From My Notebook" column.

Gallery: The Singular Patagonia, Chile

Though it is just an hour or so away from Tierra Patagonia, the thriving town of Puerto Natales is another world.

South America: Beyond the Backpack

There is an irrepressible energy in South America drawing all eyes below the equator. Maybe it's the spark that comes from hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics, as Brazil will be doing in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

2013 Grand Awards: South America

Shared between Chile and Argentina, southern Patagonia is chiefly a land of vast, desolate steppes. High precipitation and cold air combine to create huge glaciers that spill into numerous fjords.

New Photographic Expeditions in Chile

The explora properties in Atacama and Patagonia are offering a series of guided photography excursions sponsored by Nikon Inc.

Footsteps Itinerary: Chile

On my recent Chilean journey, I traveled the entire 3,000-mile length of the country. Overall, the quality of the hotels and resorts exceeded my expectations. Should you decide to follow in my footsteps, you will stay in places that offer exemplary comfort and fine service. Delicious food and fascinating guided expeditions will also add enormously to the pleasure of your trip. Flights from the United States generally take 10 or 11 hours and land in Santiago early in the morning. (Although Santiago is on approximately the same longitude as Boston, 70 degrees west, it is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time).

Southern Patagonia

Shared between Chile and Argentina, southern Patagonia is chiefly a land of vast, desolate steppes, though the Chilean section also has areas of conifer and beech forest. High precipitation and cold air combine to create huge glaciers that spill into numerous fjords.

What To Pack for Chile and Patagonia

Packing list from our recent travels across the Atacama desert to the windswept steppes of Southern Patagonia and the pleasant Mediterranean conditions of the Central Valley and Santiago.

March 2012 Hideaway Report: Chile, Napa and Paris

The March 2012 Hideaway Report explores Chile, a country that has suddenly come of age for sophisticated travel. In places as diverse as the

7 Things Not to Miss in Chile

Some highlights from my recent visit to Chile. Please visit here to view my full suggested itinerary.

Wildfires In Patagonia

I have just returned from a multi-week stay in Chile, which included several days near the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. On December 27, a f

explora Patagonia Relaunches

Longtime Harper favorite explora Patagonia has recently completed a two-month renovation of Hotel Salto Chico  in the heart of Torres del Paine N

Wednesday Escape: explora en Patagonia

Wilderness lodge on the spectacular shores of Lake Pehoé amid the natural splendors of Torres del Paine National Park. The contemporary lodge contains 50 accommodations featuring radiant-heat floors, Berber carpets, wood-paneled walls, handcrafted furnishings, lavish granite/slate baths and breathtaking views.