Two Weeks in East Africa

This two-week East Africa itinerary combines both classic safari areas with lesser-known regions like the Chyulu Hills and Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire National Park: Discovering a New Wildlife Area

Our editor had previously visited all the national parks in the Northern Circuit except one: Tarangire National Park. On this trip, he remedied that omission.

Safari Properties in Two Classic Tanzania Destinations

On his latest safari, our editor visits The Highlands, near the Ngorongoro Crater, and Namiri Plains, in the Serengeti National Park.

Video: On Safari in Tanzania’s Magnificent Northern Parks

Video taken by our editor from his visit to Tarangire National Park, the highlands of Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the breathtaking Serengeti National Park.

From the Editor: A Sense of Perspective

This year gave our editor a new perspective: Travel may have been more exotic 40 years ago, but many local people and their families rely on steady tourism.

Just Back From: Africa

Our editor-in-chief just returned from Kenya and Tanzania. A full report is forthcoming, but we had to debrief him immediately.

Jack’s Camp — Reinvented and More Alluring Than Ever

Jack's Camp, a collection of tents set at the edge of the vast Makgadikgadi salt pan, in Botswana, will be reopened after a complete rebuilding.

On Safari in Malawi

Malawi has had its wildlife reserves replenished. Two lodges have opened there, appealing to those who miss the wild and empty Africa of 40 years ago.

Namibia’s New Luxury Lodges

A trip to Namibia uncovers upscale lodges amid an otherworldly landscape of red dunes, the canyons of Hoanib Valley, the brooding Skeleton Coast and beyond.

The Rich Wildlife of Namibia: A Photo Essay

Namibia may be known for its otherworldly landscapes and harsh conditions, but the wildlife -- elephant, giraffe and more -- have adapted and are a joy to see.

New Safari Lodge at Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane, long a favorite destination of Hideaway Report members, has been joined by an ultra-luxury lodge, The Farmstead, a short drive away.

Members' Choice 2018: Most Spectacular Wildlife Experience

Many of our recommended properties facilitate extraordinary wildlife experiences, but our members found these three to be the most unforgettable.

Singita Pamushana Lodge Gets a Stylish Upgrade

Singita Pamushana Lodge, a retreat in Zimbabwe's Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, has reopened after a redesign of both its shared spaces and suites.

Top 7 Safari Duffle Bags

Due to weight and size restrictions, soft-sided duffle bags are a must-have on safari flights. Here are 7 of our favorite duffle bags to take into the bush.

Singita's Founder on the Future of Wildlife in Africa

Luke Bailes, the founder of Singita, shares his thoughts on the future of Africa's wildlife and how to get engaged in Singita’s conservation efforts.

Botswana’s Mombo Camp Reinvented

The main Mombo Camp and the nearby Little Mombo Camp are currently being rebuilt and are scheduled to reopen in early 2018.

The Art of Tracking With Boyd Varty

In this podcast, Boyd Varty, of Londolozi, talks with the author Patrick O'Shaughnessy about the history of the safari and how tracking has informed his life.

Talking Conservation With Mark Boyd of the Safari Collection

While in Kenya, we spoke with Mark Boyd, the community and conservation manager of the Safari Collection.

What to See on a Wildlife Safari

Big game sightings will complete your safari experience. Here is an overview of the animals you may see and the areas to in which to best view them.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Wildlife Photography

The photography studio manager at Londolozi Game Reserve, in South Africa, explains how to master the art of wildlife photography while on safari.

The Wild Bunch: 9 Best Adventure Travel Experiences

Andrew Harper Alliance Partners share some of their top-listed wilderness and adventure travel experiences.

How to Choose an African Safari

A safari can be a luxurious week-long affair or a demanding monthlong excursion. Here's how to choose the best safari for you and your family.

How to Get the Best Wildlife Photos on Safari

Get the best wildlife photos on safari. The studio manager at Londolozi, in South Africa, discusses five essential pieces of gear for every safari-goer.

Our Editor's Safari Packing List

Follow in the footsteps of our editor-in-chief and pack what he does when he goes on safari. Here we have compiled his packing guide.

The American Safari

If you’re looking for a top-notch wildlife experience without the long international flight, consider some of these properties for your next American safari.

Tented Camp or Luxury Safari Lodge?

Safaris have changed a lot over the years. First-time travelers should ask themselves one question: "Just how comfortable do I want to be?"

Harper Classics in Namibia

The immense dunes at Sossusvlei are the largest in the world, and no trip to Namibia is complete without at least a glimpse of this astonishing landscape.

Zimbabwe's Singita Pamushana Lodge

For the past two decades, Singita properties in South Africa and Tanzania have set the standard for luxury wildlife lodges in Africa and around the world.

Rhino in Crisis

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve has succeeded in creating a local surplus of one of the world’s most critically endangered species, rhino.

Sabi Sand Update

Two of my favorite safari lodges have recently received major upgrades. Both are located in the Sabi Sand Reserve.

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