Aeolian Cooking and Our Favorite Restaurants

The traditional cooking of the Aeolian Islands is an especially sunny and succulent version of the Sicilian kitchen, with seafood playing a prominent role.

Florida Restaurants: 20 Must-Try Favorites

Floridian cooking reflects the state's Southern heritage, as well as its Latin American and Caribbean influences. Here are 20 restaurants we recommend.

Our Favorite Napa and Sonoma Restaurants

In Napa and Sonoma valleys, "farm-to-table" cuisine is the norm. Diners get the pleasure of enjoying meals that take full advantage of the region's bounties.

Waterfront Seafood Dining in Santa Barbara

Two establishments are consistently cited as the best seafood restaurants in Santa Barbara. We tried both but were only satisfied with one.

Discovering Valparaíso, a Jewel on the Coast of Chile

Experience the colorful street art, unique architecture and exquisite seafood of Valparaiso, a coastal Chilean city located just northwest of Santiago.

Best Hotel Restaurants in Tokyo

Below you will find our eight favorite Tokyo restaurants. However, on this trip our most memorable dining experiences were at hotels.

Eclectic Vietnam Restaurants

The Vietnamese kitchen is as regional as that of Italy or Mexico.

Venice Dining Suggestions

Since Venice is surrounded by a vast lagoon, it is no surprise that seafood, including prawns, squid and clams, takes pride of place on the menus of its more distinguished restaurants.

Padstow Seafood School, Cornwall

Like many people, Mrs. Harper and I have been trying to eat more fish for reasons both gastronomic and health-related.