September 2018

FROM THE EDITOR: As well as covering classic destinations, it is part of our mission to uncover new possibilities and to suggest regions of the world that affluent American travelers might have never previously considered. And so it was that we found ourselves bound for Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, a spectacular little country bounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. This issue also has us going back to an old favorite: Madrid. Read more from our editor-in-chief...


Madrid on the Upswing

With two anticipated properties slated to launch in the next year, and plenty of gems already open, Madrid is experiencing a dynamic hotel and restaurant boom.

Georgia: An Unpredictable but Exhilarating New Frontier in Travel

The extraordinary country of Georgia offers comfortable hotels and good restaurants, but travelers should expect them to be a little rough around the edges.

Visiting Ancient Georgian Monasteries

While tourists have discovered Georgia's most famous ancient monasteries, their churches are still worth visiting, especially when a choir is singing.

My Favorite Hike in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains

Georgia's Caucasus Mountains offer numerous stupendous hikes. The most famous is up to the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church, beneath Mount Kazbek.

Tbilisi’s Best Sulfur Bath

The recently renovated Chreli Abano bathhouse may be geared to tourists, but our editor booked a VIP room and had a great experience.

The Serendipitous Discovery of a Lively Tapas Bar in Madrid

Sometimes a random conversation leads to a serendipitous discovery. In this case, a helpful chambermaid alerted our editor to a great tapas bar nearby.

Paris' Hôtel Lutetia Gets New Life, and With It a Monopoly Is Over

All the celebrated grand hotels in Paris are located on the Right Bank. But with the reopening of the storied Hotel Lutetia, that monopoly is finally over.

The 5 Best Wine Bars in Tbilisi

Wine-making began 8,000 years ago in Georgia. To this day, the country has a robust wine scene. Here are five wine bars we loved in Tbilisi.

An Array of Treasures at Madrid's Museum of the Americas

Madrid's Museum of the Americas is often neglected by visitors. But it shouldn't be. It contains a spectacular collection of pre-Columbian art.

Day Trip From Madrid: A Visit to Chinchón

Chinchon is a delightful destination 45 minutes from Madrid. It offers a glimpse of a traditional Spanish town that has not been disrupted by tourism.

5 Not-to-Miss Bars in Madrid

Madrid is a cocktail-loving town. From on-tap vermut, sherry and wine to excellent tapas, these five bars range from traditional to hip and modern.

Crumbling Buildings, Hidden Courtyards: A Fascinating Tour of Tbilisi

To see another side of Tbilisi, one redolent of romance and melancholy, book the fascinating Rooms Hotel Insider's Guide tour.

Videos: The Country of Georgia in Panorama

Beauty is everywhere in Georgia, whether in the colorful capital of Tbilisi, the mountain-bounded wine country of Kakheti or the awe-inspiring Caucasus.

Favorite Wineries in Georgia, the Birthplace of Viticulture

Georgia also has some 500 indigenous grape varieties and an 8,000-year history of winemaking. Our editor visited six wineries while he was there.

Madrid: The Liveliest Restaurant Scene in Europe

A spate of new restaurants have opened in Madrid and old favorites have been rebooted, making for a lively gastronomic scene in Spain's capital.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Madrid, Spain

On a recent visit to Madrid, our editor discovered two small hotels, one in the Barrio de las Letras neighborhood, the other bustling Chueca district.

Indelible Memory: Feasting With a Family in Georgia

A visit to the Old Vine Family Cellar in Kvareli, Georgia, began with a wine tasting and ended with an hourslong feast with the family themselves.

Heckfield Place Opens in Hampshire

After a 10-year renovation, the long-awaited Heckfield Place opened its doors in September, becoming Britain's newest luxury country house hotel.

Newly Recommended Hotels in the Country of Georgia

Our editor spent two weeks exploring the country of Georgia. He discovered three hotels worth recommending, in Tbilisi, Sighnaghi and Stepantsminda.

A Taste of Tbilisi

Drawing on influences from both Europe and Asia, and enhanced by an exceptional natural-wine tradition, Georgia's capital boasts a unique culinary tradition.

Letter From the Editor: September 2018

For the September 2018 issue, we traveled to the spectacular country of Georgia and the wonderful city of Madrid. We found five hotels worth recommending.

Modern Boutique Chic: Senato Hotel Milan Opens

Boutique hotels are rare in Milan, but the city just gained another with the opening of a stylishly modern concept housed in a neoclassical palazzo.