Artisanal Gifts From the Yucatán

We don't always take home souvenirs, but on this trip to the Riviera Maya we did. These three things evoked the fascinating culture of the Maya.

Where to Shop in Málaga

Malaga, in Spain's Costa del Sol, contains numerous one-of-a-kind shops selling Andalusian and Spanish goods that you won't find elsewhere. Here are five.

Travel Takeaways: Shopping in Gard

From open-air markets to covered food markets, Gard has no shortage of places in which to shop. It's a great place to buy lavender, linens, baskets and more.

Favorite Artisanal Shops in Napa Valley

On visits to Napa, we make a beeline to our favorite stores to stock up on locally made products that cannot be found elsewhere. Here are our favorites.

Shopping in the Faroe Islands

Most of the best shops in the Faroe Islands are found in Torshavn, the islands' friendly and walkable main town. Here is a selection of our favorite stores.

Hotels' Signature Scents — and How to Bring Them Home

Walk into a hotel, and the first thing you notice may not be the decor or the floral arrangements but the scent. Here's how to get those scents for yourself.

Shopping in Paros

The best shops in Paros are located in stylish Naoussa and Parikia, the capital. Here are five stores we recommend browsing.

Best Chocolate Shops in Paris

The French have loved chocolate since the aristocracy popularized it in the 1700s. Here is a selection of our favorite chocolate shops in Paris.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche: Paris’ Best Department Store

Created in the mid-1800s, the department store Le Bon Marche on Paris' Left Bank, is still an enjoyable and profoundly Parisian experience.

Mahón: Exploring Menorca’s Charming Capital

Tidy Mahon looks quite different from most Balearic towns. Spared by mass tourism, it is an intimate and delightful place to discover on foot.

Tastes of Menorca: Essential Foods of the Island

Discover the history and traditions of Menorca by sampling some of its essential food products: Mahon cheese, Binifadet wine, olive oils and Xoriguer gin.

Best Art Galleries and Concept Stores in San Miguel

One of the great pleasures of visiting San Miguel de Allende is strolling between galleries and boutiques. The city has plenty of both. Here are the best.

Things to Do in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Phoenix-Scottsdale is known for its golf resorts and cacti, but there is a lot more to explore: museums, shops, hiking trails and Native American history.

Discovering the Fascinating Medieval City of Troyes

Troyes has yet to attract hordes of tourists and remains a quiet and atmospheric place. There is so much to do that we recommend a two-day visit.

Object of Desire: Gullah Sweet Grass Baskets

Sweet grass baskets tell a fascinating story and offer a high level of artistry and design. They make a great souvenir from Charleston, South Carolina.

8 Favorite London Shops

London is one of the world’s greatest shopping cities. Here are eight stores for menswear and fragrances, plus one iconic whisky shop.

Shopping in Japan: Kyoto's Best Stores

If you love food and design, Kyoto has some of the best shopping in the world. Here are highlights from our most recent trip to Japan.

What to Buy in Corsica

When visiting Corsica, one of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean, look for these specialities: olive oil, charcuterie, immortelle and coral jewelry.

The Art of Chimayó Weaving

Drive north of Santa Fe to find intricate handwoven tapestries and clothing at traditional Chimayó weaving shops.

Dutch Goods: 4 Hip Concept Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has become one of the most interesting shopping destinations in Europe. Here are four of our favorite shops for everything from clothing to candles.

What Guidebooks Get Wrong About Marrakech

Guidebooks and travel magazines offer all sorts of advice about how to explore Morocco's souks, much of it misguided. Here's how they get it wrong.

Where to Shop — and Not Shop — in Marrakech

Marrakech ranks among the great shopping cities of the world. Here are 12 shops we visited — some worthy of recommending and some not.

Top 7 Safari Duffle Bags

Due to weight and size restrictions, soft-sided duffle bags are a must-have on safari flights. Here are 7 of our favorite duffle bags to take into the bush.

Indelible Memory: Early Morning at La Boqueria

Arrive early to Barcelona's La Boqueria and you’ll be able to savor an almost devotional atmosphere at this temple to the Catalan passion for food.

Barcelona's Best-Known Flea Market

Barcelona’s best-known flea market, Mercat dels Encants, isn't exactly the place to get bargains, unless you are an experienced collector.

A Trip to San Juan de Oriente, the 'Village of Pottery'

Andrew Harper takes a day trip to the craft village of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua, and explores the workshop of a true artisan.

13 Upscale Boutiques in Austin

Austin continues to grow as a travel destination. Besides live music, it has other strong points, including its ever-growing number of upscale boutiques.

Favorite Shops of the Year

When we travel we inevitably stop at local boutiques, galleries and eclectic shops along the way. Here are some of our favorites from 2017.

23 Best Travel Gifts for 2017

Andrew Harper editors contributed items from their wish lists to put together the ultimate guide of the year's most lust-worthy yet useful travel gifts.

Handcrafted North Carolina Pottery

Pottery is an inseparable part of the history and culture of the Appalachian territory of North Carolina. Here are four potters who piqued our interest.

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