Best Cocktail Bars: Editors' Choice 2020

Like hotels, bars should feel like they are somewhere, not just anywhere. These five bars we visited in 2019 stood out in our memories as exceptional.

Restaurants of the Year: Editors' Choice 2020

Evaluating the world's best hotels is great, but it's just as delightful to test out top restaurants. Of the hundreds we tried, these were the best.

Tokyo's Dazzling Dining Scene

It's hard not to eat well in Tokyo, where the dining scene dazzles. Here are nine places for great food and drink in the greatest of restaurant towns.

Soaking Up Japan: A Tour of New and Classic Onsen Ryokan

Our editor visits Japan and stays at four of the country's famous onsen ryokan (hot-spring inns) in Tokyo, Takayama, Matsuyama and Hakone,

Letter From the Editor: November 2018

For the November 2018 issue, we traveled to London and Japan. We found fine hotels in both, including a design hotel in Holborn and an onsen ryokan in Tokyo.

6 Newly Recommended Hotels, March 2016

The March Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper's travels to Japan, where he evaluates new luxury hotels and resorts.

The Civilized Pleasures of Japan

The world could do with a lot more places like Japan. This was a thought that recurred constantly during a wonderful two-week trip I made last fall.

Shopping in Japan for Cooks and Food-Lovers

There are more than 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo, and Kappabashi-dori, a street in the Asakusa neighborhood, is where their chefs come when they need cookware.

Best Hotel Restaurants in Tokyo

Below you will find our eight favorite Tokyo restaurants. However, on this trip our most memorable dining experiences were at hotels.

A Perfect Day Out in Hakone

A refreshing and stylish weekend getaway, Hakone offers fresh air and beautiful scenery, including, on clear days, a view of Mount Fuji on the horizon.

Letter From the Editor, March 2016

Andrew Harper reveals details about the hotels, regions and destinations of Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and Hong Kong featured in the March 2016 Hideaway Report.

Jazz in Tokyo

The Tokyo jazz scene is slowly gaining momentum and becoming more popular with locals and foreigners alike.

Roppongi: Tokyo’s New Art District

Tokyo is one of the world’s leading centers for contemporary art. Andrew Harper was pleasantly surprised to find new art galleries and museums in Roppongi.

Tokyo Restaurant Discoveries

Considered one of the great food cities of the world (implausible just a few years ago), Tokyo offers every type of cuisine imaginable

Aman Opens Retreat in Busy Tokyo

Tokyo is a city of paradoxes: In the shadows of ultramodern skyscrapers is a grid of quiet alleys lined with traditional wooden homes and small shrines.

Letter From the Editor, December 2015

Andrew Harper reveals more details about the hotels, regions and destinations of the Namibia, Zimbabwe and Tokyo featured in the December 2015 Hideaway Report.

Aman Tokyo Opening

A self-styled “urban sanctuary,” the 84-room Aman Tokyo occupies the top six floors of a 38-story tower situated between the Imperial Palace park and Tokyo Station.

Our 10 Favorite Culinary Destinations

The 10 cities highlighted here attract visitors not just for their sites, scenery and experiences, but also for their cuisine.