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Sensational Napa Wineries — and Six Wines to Try Now

Unable to go to the Napa Valley now, I have been tasting wines that remind me of it. Our Wine Concierge points out six wines to try until we can visit again.

The Benefits of Using a Ground Operator

My recent journey through Argentina served to emphasize the fact that in many destinations it is best to organize your entire vacation with a ground operator.

Meet Our Travel Partner: Costa Rica Expeditions

Costa Rica Expeditions (CRE) has dedicated the last 30 years to earning a reputation as the top destination specialist in the country.

Meet the Guides: National Parks Revealed

With four successful Alaskan travel businesses behind him, Marty Behr, president of National Parks Revealed (NPR), set his sights on the national parks of the l

Entrée Destinations' Top Wildlife & Destinations for 2015

Entree Destinations, customizable tour providers and operators for Canada and Alaska, share top wildlife, experiences and destinations for any traveler in 2015.

Meet Our Guides: Entrée Destinations

An exclusive interview with the president of Entree Destinations, a leading tour operator for adventure travel to Alaska and Canada with world-class guides.

Top Five Napa Cabernets to Collect

Enjoy this list of current favorite boutique-production Napa Cabernets costing less than $200 from the Andrew Harper Wine Concierge, Porthos.

From the Travel Office: Tour the National Parks

National Parks Revealed, our new travel partner, specializes in customized private journeys for those in search of authenticity and adventure.

Belmond Myanmar River Cruises

We spoke with Eddie Teh, general manager of the river cruises Belmond Road to Mandalay and Belmond Orcaella, about the many charms of Myanmar.

Dream Escape Tours

We spoke with Dream Escape's head of guiding, Rosie Peattie, one of Travel + Leisure's "World's Greatest Tour Guides", about what makes the U.K.-based experiential tour and event company a true standout in the industry.

Meet Our Guides: Lindblad

The Andrew Harper Traveler visited with Lindblad Expeditions, pioneers in small-ship expedition travel, and recent partners with National Geographic.

Meet Our Exclusive Private Jet Partner

After vetting multiple private aviation companies, Andrew Harper has chosen Sentient Jet as our exclusive private aviation partner.

Meet Our Partners: Paul Gauguin's Richard H. Bailey

Q&A with Richard H. Bailey, president and CEO of Pacific Beachcomber, operator of the luxury cruise vessels *m/s Paul Gauguin* and *m/v Tere Moana*

Meet the Guides: TCS & Starquest Expeditions

Lynn Garrison has circled the globe countless times and loves highlighting new discoveries for our guests at every stop. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s learned a thing or two about life on the road and kindly shares her travel advice with us.

Last Word: Specialist Advice on Golfing Trips

When traveling to far-flung golfing destinations, it is wise to enlist the help of an experienced travel company.

Meet the Guide - Norwegian Adventures’ Jan Sortland

The Andrew Harper Traveler speaks to Norwegian Adventures’ Jan Sortland.

From the Travel Office: New Zealand's Seasonz Travel

Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand. Whenever possible, we recommend that our travelers engage the services of one of our travel partners. With offices in the