11 Museums You Shouldn't Miss in Amsterdam


1. Rijksmuseum

The Dutch national museum focuses on art from the country’s Golden Age. The collection of beautifully silent Vermeer paintings and darkly dramatic Rembrandts is unparalleled.

2. Van Gogh Museum

Although it is often crowded, the Van Gogh Museum has an incredible collection of the renowned artist’s paintings.

3. Amsterdam Museum

Features fascinating displays showing how the city developed.

4. Stedelijk Museum

A must for contemporary art buffs.

5. Scheepvaartmuseum

National Maritime Museum. Explore the ways in which the Dutch culture has been shaped by the sea.

6. Ons’ Lieve heer op Solder

Our Lord in the Attic. Because Amsterdam was a resolutely Protestant city, Catholics couldn’t worship in the open. A wealthy Catholic merchant converted the top three floors of a canal house into this impressively large, secret church.

7. Joods Historisch Museum

Jewish Historical Museum. Collections that illuminate Dutch Jewish life. Within the museum, you’ll find the Jewish Historical Children’s Museum, which is dedicated to Jewish life from a child’s perspective.

8. Hermitage Amsterdam

Contains a rich collection of Russian art and masterpieces of Van Gogh.

9. Science Center NEMO

A self-explore museum is great for children, as you can do all kinds of activities yourself and explore how everyday things work

10. Katten Kabinet

Cat Cabinet. Boasts a fun collection of art showing the world through cats’ eyes.

11. Schuttersgalerij

This free gallery has a number of well-executed monumental paintings of the historic Civic Guards displayed in a two-story, light-filled alleyway.

Excerpt from the July 2012 Traveler.

By Hideaway Report Staff

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