Aman Acquires a Sibling


The debut of the first Aman resort in 1988, Amanpuri in Thailand, changed the face of luxury travel. Its spare and elegant design, sensitivity to its natural surroundings and inspired integration of local cultural motifs were a revelation to travelers and rival hotel companies alike. Three decades later, Aman has 32 properties in 20 countries, with a further eight on the way, including the much-anticipated Aman New York. Now, Aman has been joined by a spinoff brand, Janu, which is intended to complement the existing portfolio.

Aman means “peace” in Sanskrit, and the resorts were planned as private retreats. In contrast, Janu means “soul,” and the new properties have been conceived as antidotes to an atomized digital world, places that encourage human connection. Expansive social spaces, interactive dining experiences and wellness facilities that emphasize group classes with all be integral to the brand’s identity. And unlike the 30 to 40 private villas at a typical Aman, Janu properties will have between 120 and 150 spacious accommodations, housed within a single building. The first of the new resorts, Janu Montenegro, is scheduled to launch in 2022. Janu properties in Tokyo and Saudi Arabia are under construction.

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