The Andrew Harper Collection: A Labor of Love


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During the course of a year, all 12 volumes of The Andrew Harper Collection are meticulously revised, updated and fact-checked. All this unseen work of the editorial staff is to ensure that the information is up-to-date and completely reliable. In addition, newly recommended hotels and restaurants are added, as are new regions and even entirely new countries. From time to time, we also make incremental changes to the format. In 2021, beginning with the guides to Italy and Spain, Portugal & Mediterranean, we have reintegrated grand hotels and larger resorts with hideaways and given additional space to the descriptions. And we have expanded our restaurant listings, along with the “From My Notebook,” entries to provide more invaluable tips and insights from our editors. When the first copies arrived from the printers, I leafed through their pages and came to the gratifying conclusion that they represent our most successful efforts to date. No other comparable volumes present such an expertly curated selection of hotels or provide so much useful and discerning information. It gave me immense pleasure to see my decades of travel everywhere reflected in their pages. And I hope that these updated volumes will provide members with the thrill of anticipation. Taken together, the 12 volumes of the Harper Collection embody the most magical travel experiences that the world has to offer. 

By Andrew Harper The editor-in-chief of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report has spent his life traveling, visiting more than 100 countries on every continent. If pressed, he cites Italy as his favorite place in the world, but he is also strongly drawn to wilderness areas, especially in the Himalayas and southern Africa. He has lost track of the number of safaris he has taken, but the total is probably close to 50. In addition to wildlife, his passions include fly-fishing and hiking. After working with the founder of the company for five years, he took over as his chosen successor in 2007.
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