'Gone Fishing': Deep Sea Fishing in Sicily


In our "Gone Fishing" series, we explore picturesque deep-sea-fishing sites across the globe with 100-foot+ deep waters that entice anglers with the promise of trophy catches like marlin, swordfish and tuna. Be sure to bring a sense of adventure, patience and strength to these incredible locations — and a little bit of luck never hurts.

Fishing Facts


Grouper, dentex, red snapper (pargo), amberjack, bluefin tuna, swordfish, sea bream, mackerel, barracuda and sea bass


April through December

Thought to have human inhabitants since roughly 12,000 B.C., Sicily is rich with culture. The island is home to six World Heritage sites, including Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. However, the island’s appeal transcends its ancient heritage. Alongside the ancient ruins and landmarks, travelers to this southern Italian favorite can enjoy sun, saltwater and a relaxed seaside lifestyle.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and almost all of the types of fish that inhabit this body of water swim through the Sicilian Channel nearby. Also known as the Straits of Sicily, this 100-mile wide waterway separates Sicily from Tunisia and is dotted with small islands both inhabited and uninhabited. “Sicily offers a great variety of fishing species and the opportunity to [use] different fishing techniques to catch them,” says Emanuele Venezia, concierge at Rocco Forte Verdura Resort.

Boats anchored in the port city of Sciacca, Sicily.
Boats anchored in the port city of Sciacca, Sicily.

Where to Stay


Spectacular 1873 resort hotel with views to the Mediterranean and Mount Etna, set in terraced gardens.


Intimate and stylish 11-room, six-suite boutique hotel offering stunning views of Mount Etna and the Mediterranean coastline.


Admirable 203-room property on beautifully landscaped 560-acre seafront site, 60 miles south of Palermo.

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