Denmark Restaurant Discoveries


As many food lovers know, Denmark has recently become a culinary destination. The man chiefly responsible for the transformation is René Redzepi, of the famous noma restaurant in Copenhagen (which closed in February). His influence has spread across the country, with numerous chefs who trained with him now flying the colors of his New Nordic cooking, which espouses local, seasonal and often wild, foraged ingredients. This has upped the country’s gastronomic game immeasurably. Here are six outstanding Denmark restaurants worth trying.

Brøndums Hotel

Shrimp smørrebrød from <em>Brøndums Hotel</em>
Shrimp smørrebrød from Brøndums Hotel - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

The light-filled dining room of this famous old hotel is an ideal lunch spot for locally landed seafood and delicious smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwiches) topped with shrimp and smoked fish. In good weather, lunch is also served in a lovely back garden.

Brøndums Hotel
Anchersvej 3, Skagen. Tel. (45) 98-44-15-55


A dish at <em>Gastromé</em> in Aarhus, Denmark
A dish at Gastromé in Aarhus, Denmark - Asbjørn Christensen

This fashionable Michelin-starred spot with an open kitchen features tasting menus with dishes like monkfish with peas, cauliflower and cocoa, and quail with morel mushrooms and broccoli.

Rosensgade 28, Aarhus. Tel. (45) 28-78-16-17

Restaurant Domestic

Poached pear with caramel sauce at <em>Restaurant Domestic</em> in Aarhus, Denmark
Poached pear with caramel sauce at Restaurant Domestic in Aarhus, Denmark - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

The team of chefs at Restaurant Domestic won a Michelin star for their excellent New Nordic cuisine. The menu changes regularly but runs to dishes like oysters with cabbage in a dashi broth, langoustines with kohlrabi and burnt cream, and kombucha-poached pear with a caramel sauce.

Restaurant Domestic
Mejlgade 35B, Aarhus. Tel. (45) 61-43-70-10

Restaurant Lieffroy

The interior of <em>Restaurant Lieffroy</em> in Nyborg, Denmark
The interior of Restaurant Lieffroy in Nyborg, Denmark - Restaurant Lieffroy

A cottage overlooking the sea is a delightful setting in which to sample dishes like poached egg with morel mushrooms and crispy Danish cheese, and the catch of the day with pickled cauliflower, smoked eel and hollandaise sauce.

Restaurant Lieffroy
Skræddergyden 34, Nyborg. Tel. (45) 65-31-24-48

Søllerød Kro

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