New Zealand: Escaping at Annandale


Travel is enthralling, but it can often be tiring. For those who would like to spend part of a New Zealand trip sequestered in a private world, just reading, relaxing and gazing out to sea, Annandale provides the perfect venue. (Full disclosure: I have not stayed at Annandale personally, but I have received enthusiastic reports from people whose opinions I trust.)

Located on the Banks Peninsula, approximately 80 minutes southeast of Christchurch, the property comprises four distinctive “villas,” set on a 4,000-acre sheep and cattle farm that has an extensive stretch of Pacific coastline. The principal house is the Annandale homestead, a grand five-bedroom Victorian structure, dating from 1884, which comes with a swimming pool, a tennis court and a gym.

Pasture bordering a stretch of the Pacific coastline at Annandale
Living room of the Seascape villa at Annandale
Shepherd's Cottage bedroom at Annandale
Pool, spa and gym in the main homestead at Annandale

In complete contrast, Scrubby Bay is a dramatic four-bedroom contemporary beach house of cedarwood, glass and stone, set on an isolated private cove, accessible either by helicopter or a 40-minute transfer by 4WD vehicle. The other two so-called villas are the one-bedroom Shepherd’s Cottage, set on a hilltop with views of the Pacific, and Seascape, an ultra-modern one-bedroom hideaway with a glass façade, situated on a private bay. At all four villas, gourmet food is either delivered or cooked on the premises by a private chef. And if, eventually, you tire of inactivity, you may explore the working farm, go hiking, biking and kayaking, or even take a cooking class.

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