Favorite Editor Photos of 2018

December 14, 2018

As the Hideaway Report photo editor, I get to see so many different locations throughout the year — all through our editors’ lenses. This year our editors traveled to five continents, which allowed me to peruse more than 7,000 images from 27 countries. Many stood out to me, whether it was because they captured a poignant moment, illustrated a breathtaking scene or had excellent composition. Here are those I found to be the most striking of 2018.

This photo of Iguazú Falls struck me immediately, as it shows how expansive the waterfalls are across the borders of Brazil and Argentina.
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I found this image touching because it shows an obvious bond between these two orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo.
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The cable line leading down Mount Srđ to the old center of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with the restaurant terrace high above, is an example of well-executed composition by one of our editors.
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Every time I look at this image, I find myself gazing into the eyes of this gorilla, seen here in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. It reminds me of how similar these creatures are to humans.
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This may be a personal choice, but the visually appealing décor of the L’oscar library in London gives off strong Wes Anderson vibes, so I had to like it.
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The people juxtaposed against the towering valley walls of Todra Gorge in Morocco gives perspective, showing just how enormous they are.
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It's difficult to take a great shot of food, but this one, of shaved king oyster mushrooms at Hide in London, is beautiful.
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This inviting image makes it easy to picture oneself sitting in the pool at One&Only Nyungwe House surrounded by the lush Rwandan forest.
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The symmetry and clean composition of this photo of the Royal Mansour spa in Marrakech made it a quick favorite.
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Capturing a young artist re-creating a painting at Tate Britain in London was heartwarming to see, especially when most kids are glued to their phones.
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Our well-traveled members take memorable photos too. See the winners of our 2018 Photo Contest.

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