Favorite Videos of 2019


Video has a way of transporting you to a place like no other medium. On every trip, our editors bring back hours of footage from the hotels they review, but they also cover their experiences in that particular destination. We've compiled some of our favorite videos from 2019 to inspire your travels.

Amangiri Hike

Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri is a famously glamorous resort in the Utah desert, but the real highlight of the trip is the stunning landscape that surrounds the hotel. Our editor tried to capture the experience of hiking the grounds, which on that day included blustery winds, sun showers and epic views.

Brihadishvara Temple

Thanjavur, India

Brihadishvara is a massive 1,000-year-old temple that sits at the center of Thanjavur in South India. It is part of the UNESCO Great Living Chola Temples World Heritage site and has an active religious community around it. On the evening of our visit, worshippers were celebrating Pradosham with music and ceremony around a giant golden bull. The trance-inducing music was recorded live and gives a sense of the spirit of the place.

Crab Market

Kep, Cambodia

The Crab Market is the large and aptly named fish market in Kep. Cambodian fishermen unload their catch here each day, and the sights and sounds of the place are dizzying. We love to visit markets when we travel to get a taste of local life, and this one proved quite inspiring.

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings


Egypt is the original exotic travel destination. Our editors revisited some of these iconic sites this year to find that they are safe to visit and still deliver. The plethora of temples that cover Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are the best places in the world to see ancient history on a grand scale.

Safari Cruise

Chobe River, Namibia

When you think of cruises, you don't normally consider safaris in the same thought, but the Zambezi Queen is a unique experience. This well-appointed boat cruises the Chobe River in Namibia while guests enjoy first-class game viewing from its comfortable deck.

Delightful Colmar


The colorful houses and quiet canals of Colmar are a gem in the Alsace region of France. Footage from this trip can transport the viewer back to summers spent traveling Europe by train, wandering the streets of small towns in search of delightful French bakeries.

Wildlife at Hoanib Valley Camp


Namibia has been called "the land that God made in anger," but many animals make this harsh environment home. We couldn't resist posting this video, which includes a tiny newborn elephant being protected by a proud matriarch.

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By Hideaway Report Staff

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