Fly-Fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland


For many fly-fishing enthusiasts, a trip to Iceland is at the top of their priority lists. The country offers more than 100 rivers in which to fish for Atlantic salmon, between June and September each year. The runs are as abundant as ever, but for connoisseurs, it is the nature of the fishing that is the overriding factor. Many Icelandic rivers are relatively small, with fast-flowing, exceptionally clear water. There, it is possible to fish with a single-handed rod, a floating line and small flies. In places, it is even possible to sight-fish, casting to a specific fish that is clearly visible.

The Andrew Harper Travel Office works in conjunction with the well-known fishing company Frontiers. Trips can be arranged to numerous rivers, including the famous Miðfjarðará, a three-hour drive north of Reykjavík. For further information, contact the Travel Office at (800) 375-4685 or [email protected].

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