When You Can't Travel: Food Subscription Boxes Transport You


We’re all stuck at home right now, but as inquisitive travelers, we still want to learn about other cultures, sample exotic foods and feel transported. Enter gourmet food subscription boxes, which introduce you to new worlds through an array of culinary treats. These five offerings are much more than food in a box; they’re a journey that arrives on your doorstep.

Try the World Country Boxes

A Try the World country box featuring Thailand
A Try the World country box featuring Thailand - Try The World

Try the World works with local experts and renowned chefs to discover the best specialty foods on the globe, then sources them exclusively. One month you may taste the most exquisite dolmas from Greece and another month sample rare wine jelly from Chile. You’ll enjoy cuisine from a different country each month as well as a culture guide, a selection of recipes and a music playlist. Plus, if you find a new favorite food, you can order it individually from Try the World’s online marketplace. (Boxes are $29 to $39 per box, depending on your subscription plan.)

Bon Appétit Box

The Cafe Gourmand box from Bon Appétit Box
The Cafe Gourmand box from Bon Appétit Box - Bon Appétit Box

When those long, sun-kissed days and airy crepes on the Côte d'Azur feel far away, don’t despair. This Francophile collection from Bon Appétit Box will satisfy those cravings: The company features some of the country’s most beloved food artisans, such as Rougié, which has been making indulgent Périgord duck rillettes and foie gras since 1875. Send a single box to yourself or someone special, or sign up for a monthly delivery of curated boxes of your choice. In addition to a handful of treats like French butter cookies from Normandy and fleur de sel caramels, each package includes discovery and French cultural cards in a lovely souvenir box. (Boxes start at $30.)


A Tasting Box from Snakku
A Tasting Box from Snakku - Snakku

Delightfully chewy mochi, crisp roasted-rice crackers and sake-flavored hard candies will transport you to Japan via its irresistibly quirky snack foods. Each delivery from the Snakku subscription service contains about 20 items and focuses on a different area of the country. One month you’ll taste treats from Osaka, Japan’s biggest foodie city, while the next month you’ll nibble on delicacies from specialty shops in Tokyo. Also learn the stories behind the snack shops and enjoy a traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide. (Boxes start at $38.95.)

Gusto di Roma

The Little Italy - Penne & Sauce box from Gusto di Roma
The Little Italy - Penne & Sauce box from Gusto di Roma - Gusto di Roma

This is your culinary passport to Italy. Featuring authentic sweets and savory items every month, Gusto di Roma boxes include nonperishable, ready-to-eat foods, along with recipes and arrangement suggestions. Choose from the Little Italy box, which contains basics for Italian cooking, like pasta, sauce, chocolate, coffee and fruit spread, or the more expensive Gusto di Roma box, which delivers hard-to-find, direct-from-Italy goodies, like artisan salami, olives from Abruzzo and olive oil from Calabria. (Boxes start at $44.99.)

Russia Box

Treats and trinkets from inside the Russia Box
Treats and trinkets from inside the Russia Box - Russia Box

Russophiles rejoice! This unique collection is from Russia — and Eastern Europe — with love. Monthly or quarterly deliveries from Russia Box include one or two large items, five to 10 small items and one cultural gift meant to celebrate the region’s festivities and customs. Previous boxes have included cookies, jams, jellies, pastilla, teas and candies, while the souvenirs have been matryoshka dolls, khokhloma dishware or gzhel ceramics. (Boxes start at $22.99.)

By Megan Giller Guest Contributor

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