From the Editor: A Year of U.S. Travel


Despite all the obstacles to travel during the past 12 months, we have still managed to make a number of successful trips within the United States. The Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes in New York State, the Rockies in Utah and Wyoming, the Florida Keys and the coast of Southern California all yielded valuable discoveries. Initially, it wasn’t easy: Flights were canceled, rental cars were unobtainable or ludicrously expensive, restaurant tables were islands in a sea of empty space, menus were truncated, and gymnasiums and spas were closed. The most difficult thing of all has been trying to form fair and valid judgments when hotels are struggling with chronic staff shortages and unprecedented problems of all kinds. But with the arrival of vaccines, things have begun to improve. Much international travel is still mired in complexity, but domestic journeys are comparatively straightforward. As a result, the Travel Office’s phones have been ringing incessantly and the most intractable problem has been securing reservations at the most popular of our recommended U.S. resorts. The Andrew Harper Collection: United States & Canada 2021 Update This issue contains stories from productive recent trips to Hawaii and Texas. Judging by the volume of inquiries, Hawaii is the place of the moment, doubtless because it allows Americans to have a sense of escape and a taste of the exotic without actually leaving the country. And Austin is featured because it is growing so rapidly and is, in general, a hopeful and forward-looking place, which has dodged some of the COVID-induced traumas inflicted on larger, more complex cities like Los Angeles and New York. All this domestic travel is reflected in the 2021 update to the U.S. volume of The Andrew Harper Collection, which will be arriving in members’ mailboxes shortly. At 196 pages, it is the biggest and most comprehensive edition we have ever published. I hope it will inspire you to discover more of our vast, beautiful and spectacularly varied country.

By Andrew Harper The editor-in-chief of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report has spent his life traveling, visiting more than 100 countries on every continent. If pressed, he cites Italy as his favorite place in the world, but he is also strongly drawn to wilderness areas, especially in the Himalayas and southern Africa. He has lost track of the number of safaris he has taken, but the total is probably close to 50. In addition to wildlife, his passions include fly-fishing and hiking. After working with the founder of the company for five years, he took over as his chosen successor in 2007.
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