From the Harper Travel Office: It’s Better as a Family



We carry memories with us indefinitely, which is why we encourage families to travel together whenever possible. Travel forges bonds like almost nothing else, and the reminiscing can last for decades. Just as important, travel provides an incredible education your children simply can’t get any other way.

But dealing with the logistics of traveling as a family can be stressful, especially if you don’t have help. The Andrew Harper Travel Office has planned countless journeys for families over the years, and we would be happy to design a vacation precisely customized to your needs. Thanksgiving and winter breaks provide perfect opportunities for family getaways, and hotel availability need not be a problem if you get a little creative with choosing your destination. Europe’s festive Christmas markets ooze holiday charm, and the toys, ornaments and treats are sure to delight children. We can arrange for kid-friendly guides and fun activities such as pizza-making classes and puppetry workshops. If you prefer somewhere warm, don’t try to fight the crowds at the most popular resorts; it’s much more civilized to rent your own villa. After all, many cost the same as what you would spend at an upscale resort, and you have the pool, terrace and grounds all to yourself.

Cruises can make for supremely relaxing family vacations. Unpack once, select a few shore excursions and have a cocktail while the little ones romp in the kids’ club. All major cruise lines recommended by Mr. Harper accept children, but some ships go out of their way to make sure kids have a great time. On Crystal Cruises, for example, children can take advantage of “Fantasia,” a lounge that offers board games, crafts and video game systems. A Junior Activities Director organizes parties, classes and competitions, and babysitters can be booked through the concierge desk. Notably, Crystal Cruises just became all-inclusive, adding further to its appeal. Kids grow up all too quickly – be sure to make the most of their school breaks. It’s not too late to plan a vacation they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. To start planning your family getaway, call the Andrew Harper Travel Office at (800) 375-4685 in the U.S., +1 (630) 734-4610 internationally, or email

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