A Futuristic Stay Set on the Salt Flats of Bolivia


Bolivia has long been the odd one out among Andean countries. Unlike neighboring Peru, it receives few foreign visitors, despite having sensational scenery, 20,000-foot mountains and a colorful and relatively intact indigenous culture. Indeed, until recently, Bolivia had few hotels of note, even in the capital city, La Paz. Things are beginning to change, however.

The large communal tent at Kachi Lodge
The large communal tent at Kachi Lodge - Kachi Lodge

Kachi Lodge, a new property of six futuristic bedroom domes with private baths, plus a large communal dome, is set on the spectacular Uyuni Salt Flats at nearly 12,000 feet on the Bolivian Altiplano. Designed by Amazing Escapes, a Swiss company that specializes in bespoke, far-flung camping trips, Kachi Lodge will bring a previously unknown degree of luxury to the wilderness, including cuisine masterminded by chefs from the acclaimed Gustu restaurant in La Paz. More-adventurous travelers will be able to hike to the lip of Tunupa volcano, visit local salt-gathering communities, explore the archaeological remains of the pre-Columbian city of Alcaya, go mountain biking and see 1,200-year-old mummy tombs in the village of Coquesa. And if they have energy to spare, they can spend their nights gazing at the cosmos through a telescope.

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