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We're all familiar with the "buy one, give one" concept that footwear company Toms made so famous. But it isn't the only company trying to make a positive impact on the world. Whether you want to fight hunger or malaria, protect penguins or end poverty, there's a product that helps the cause close to your heart. We firmly believe that the best kind of gift is the one that gives back, so here are 18 that make the world a better place — and make your recipient happy too.

Lush Body Lotion

Lush beauty brand calls its rich floral-scented Charity Pot a “philanthropic skin softener.” Combining ylang ylang with rosewood, moringa and geranium oils in a fair-trade cocoa butter base, the Charity Pot has developed a dedicated following. It comes in an 8.4-ounce size ($27.95) and a 1.7-ounce travel size ($7.95).

The cause: 100% of proceeds are donated to organizations working in human rights, environmental justice and animal protection.

Lush Body Lotion

My World Goods Travel Maps

Commemorate your latest journey with a custom art print that maps out your adventure. You design your high-resolution My World Goods Journey Map (prices vary) by choosing the location(s), the labels, the layout and colors, resulting in a one-of-a-kind gift.

The cause: 10% of all proceeds are donated to Canine Companions for Independence, which provides assistance dogs for adults, children and veterans with disabilities.

Lifestraw and Travel Maps


We’ve all been there: Parched while traveling in a country that doesn’t have safe drinking water. The LifeStraw Go ($39.95) is an advanced travel water bottle that filters out bacteria, parasites, microplastics and pesticides so you can hydrate healthier.

The cause: Each purchase provides one child in a developing country with access to clean water for a year.

Cityzen by Azin Scarf

The design of Cityzen by Azin scarves are digital prints based on aerial views of cities around the world, “inspired by the beauty of the world from above and the commonalities we all share.” One of our favorites is the modal and cashmere Riyadh Rectangular Scarf ($175), which is inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape of Saudi Arabia and is dedicated to the women activists there.

The cause: 20% of proceeds of this scarf go to Human Rights Watch Saudi Arabia.

4Ocean Bracelet

Hand assembled in Bali, this 4Ocean Bracelet ($20) is made with post-consumer recycled materials (only 5% from ocean plastic and glass) and features a stainless steel charm.

The cause: Each purchase funds the removal of one pound of plastic from the ocean. Since 2017, 4Ocean has removed over 7 million pounds of trash from the coastlines in and around Florida, Bali and Haiti.

4Ocean Bracelet


FEED, the company started by Lauren Bush in 2007, has so far provided 107 million meals to children through the sale of its bags, totes and home goods. This Eleanor Crossbody Bag ($148) is a soft leather “trailblazing bag for the modern day trail.” Every product has a number on it that corresponds to the school that will benefit.

The cause: The purchase of this bag provides 75 meals.

Gift Guide Feed Bad

S’well Water Bottle

The mission of S’well was to create beautiful, sustainable products that would help rid the world of plastic water bottles. The BPA-free bottles are triple-walled high-grade steel and copper to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. We love the new National Geographic bottles ($35) featuring images from renowned travel photographers.

The cause: S’well partners with UNICEF and has so far given $1.7 million to provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable communities, particularly Madagascar, where 50% of the population lacks clean drinking water.

Cotopaxi Jacket

Cotopaxi creates “gear for good.” And since it’s one of our favorite brands here at the Hideaway Report, we had to include the company on our list. The Fuego Down Jacket ($250) is lightweight, water-resistant and made with responsibly sourced RDS-certified goose down.

The cause: 1% of profits address poverty and support community development. So far, Cotopaxi has given 42 grants to high-impact organizations in six countries.

Conscious Step Socks

“Ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose” — that’s the motto of Conscious Step, which makes socks that help up to 15 different causes. We are partial to the ones that protect animal habitats like the Sloth Socks ($14.95) or the Wild Animals Gift Box: Giraffes, Cheetahs, Zebras ($44.95).

The cause: Each pair you buy donates to the cause you care about, from elephants and education to disaster relief and HIV prevention.

Conscious Step Socks

Oofos Shoes

Oofos’ mission is to make people feel better. Using Oofoam technology to absorb 37% more impact than the foam typically found in sports shoes, Oofos shoes, sandals and clogs help relieve pain associated with arthritis, plantar fasciitis and metatarsal pain. The OOmg Low Shoe ($129.95) in breathable fabric is perfect for travel.

The cause: For every pair purchased on, 3% is donated to the breast cancer research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Oofos Shoes

Sari Bari Carry-On Bag

The Neha Carry On ($86) is your “go-to adventure bag.” Just the right size for the weekend, it’s hand-stitched, made of 100% recycled cotton sari fabric and lined in canvas for durability. It features an adjustable cross-body leather strap and double shoulder strap with three interior pockets.

The cause: Sari Bari employs women in Kolkata, India, who have been exploited in the sex trade or who are vulnerable to human trafficking. When you buy a bag, you directly support the artisan who made it.

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf

The Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf is an ingenious design that carries your wallet, passport and phone inside a hidden pocket in the scarf. The blue-and-white design of the limited-edition Summiya scarf ($39.95) was created by a 15-year-old daughter of a shopkeeper in Pakistan.

The cause: 100% of the proceeds of the Summiya scarf go to the Marshall Direct Fund, which supports education and women’s economic empowerment in Pakistan.

Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket

This beautiful Heritage Granite ($125) from Sackcloth & Ashes is designed by Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle. At less than 3 pounds, it’s a perfect size for travel or a stylish choice for your living room.

The cause: 100% of the profits from this collection are donated to Sovereign Bodies Institute, an organization that generates knowledge and understandings of how Indigenous nations and communities are impacted by gender and sexual violence.


Americans use 500 million straws every day. FinalStraw makes the plastic variety unnecessary by creating a collapsible, reusable straw that comes with its own cleaning brush and carrying case that attaches to your keychain. The FinalStraw 2.0 is available in six colors and two choices of straw, silver or rainbow. There’s really no better way to “suck responsibility.”

The cause: 1% of sales go to environmental nonprofits.

Final Straw

Tentsile Tree Tents

It’s difficult to sleep well while camping. Rocky ground, wet ground, insects and critters always seem to conspire against you. Enter the portable treehouse by Tentsile ($250–$950). Combining the versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a multiperson tent, these elevated tree tents and giant hammocks let you get a good night’s sleep in nature.

The cause: For every tree tent and hammock sold, the company plants 20 trees with global partners around the world. So far it has planted over 600,000 trees in Madagascar, Zambia and Oregon.

By Hideaway Report Staff

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