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One of our seasoned travel advisors, Ann Parent, recently returned from an exciting seven-night Alaskan cruise aboard Safari Endeavour with our travel partner, Un-Cruise Adventures. While onboard, she felt immersed in nature and her surroundings and even experienced a rare whale feeding.

Below are some insights from her luxury Alaskan cruise:

Overall impressions: The cruise was sensational and really allows you to experience nature. I met nearly everyone onboard and the only complaint was the tip (which can add up considering the suggested tip of 5-10% of the total cruise price). Every other aspect of the cruise exceeded everyone's expectations.

Favorite moment: My favorite moment was at Dawes Glacier our last day. We took zodiac boats and went really close to the glacier to view a "popper" which is when a piece of ice under the water breaks off and pops up above the water and then comes crashing down. Some of the guides had mentioned that they have never seen one before!

Alaskan cruise ship Safari Endeavour by Un-Cruise Adventures - Ann Parent
View from kayak - Ann Parent
Kayaking in Alaska - Ann Parent
Group kayaking in Alaska - Ann Parent
Glacier view  - Ann Parent
Glacier - Ann Parent
Glacier - Ann Parent
Seals sunning on rocks - Ann Parent
Bear paw print - Ann Parent
Misty morning - Ann Parent
Sunset from Safari Endeavour  - Ann Parent

You can't stop thinking about: We saw ten whales "bubble net feeding", which is pretty rare! The whales all work together to force fish to the top of the water with columns of bubbles and then they all swim upward in unison with mouths open to eat the fish. I have seen it in magazines but this was a true experience. It was before 6:00 AM that the captain saw the phenomenon and they announced it in our rooms to look out the windows. Amazing!

Favorite meal or meals: The food was great. We had someone onboard that had a gluten allergy and each day when the afternoon sweet was put out there was also a gluten free option. That was really very nice.

Favorite restaurants, museums or sightseeing: Being able to get close to the glaciers was an amazing sight.

What to pack: Lots of layers and waterproof gloves (they do not sell waterproof gloves on board). Also bring a hat and a scarf.

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By Hideaway Report Staff

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