Letter From the Editor, November 2015


The South Pacific is among the most alluring and seductive destinations on earth. For many, Fiji in particular is the embodiment of a tropical paradise, with dazzling white sands, pristine coral reefs and exceptionally warm and hospitable people. Until now, all of my recommended Fijian resorts have been on the outer islands. On this trip, however, I finally succeeded in finding an exceptional hideaway on the main island of Viti Levu. A 30-minute shuttle flight from the international airport at Nadi, Nanuku is a new property from Auberge Resorts, with just 18 rooms and private villas set along two miles of beach.

View from the Vunikau Penthouse terrace at Nanuku
View from the Vunikau Penthouse terrace at Nanuku - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

From Fiji, it is a two-hour, 30-minute flight to the unspoiled archipelago of Vanuatu, famous as the setting for James A. Michener’s “Tales of the South Pacific.” There, I discovered a stylish but casual eco-lodge, Ratua Private Island. While not as luxurious as many of my recommended hotels, it provided a brief, blissful escape from the world. I concluded my South Pacific journey in Sydney, where I stayed in The Langham, a recently renovated urban oasis, and Jonah’s, a gastronomic seaside retreat just 20 minutes by floatplane from the center of the city.

View from the Yacht Club at Ratua Private Island - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
Our breakfast of duck egg soufflé, soft-boiled egg and Vegemite soldiers at Jonah’s - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

In this issue, you will also find a detailed report on Idaho’s Sun Valley Lodge, located in America’s first destination ski resort and reopened in June after a comprehensive 10-month renovation.

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